Saturday, June 7, 2014

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Moving Company

Image by hobvias sudoneighm via Flickr

Before you even invite removalists to do a walk-through of your home and give you a quotation, there are certain questions you should ask the company. It’s your chance to interview the removal company to ensure that will meet your moving needs. Here’s what you need to ask.

1.      Rates and Estimates
Obviously, you’ll want to know the company’s rates. Most remvoalists will quote by weight and distance. If they try to quote you a rate based on cubic feet, stay well away. The estimate for moving should always be based on weight or even per hour. Your estimate should also include all charges involved along with method of payment.
2.      Additional Fees
Does the company charge additional fees? Some companies may charge more awkward items or if the load has to be carried a certain distance. Check out reviews before hiring a company to make sure there are no hidden costs, too. Other additional costs can include transportation or fuel surcharges, storage of goods if they can’t be offloaded on arrival and even warehouse handling fees.
3.      Subcontractors
Sometimes, a larger removals company will subcontract services to a smaller company. If this is what happens with the movers you’re considering hiring, ask for the subcontractor’s details. If they’re uncertain, think carefully before hiring.
4.      Are There Any Other Transfers?
If you’re moving long distance, the moving company might transfer your belongings between trucks. Such transfers do tend to increase the possibility of loss or damage so keep this in mind when choosing your interstate removalists in Sydney. Also, if you plan on moving during the rainy season or in winter, ask the company if they protect your goods against water damage.
5.      Insurance
When it comes to insurance, the removalist should provide complete details. Insurance is usually charged as an additional cost and is will be based on weight – so do assess the value of your belongings and compare this to the insurance policy.
6.      Packing and Storage Services
Ask how your items will be protected and labelled. A reputable mover will shrink-wrap your furniture and provide blankets to wrap items in. Smaller companies may well charge for such a service.
Also, make a list of your items to keep track of them and find out how the company plans on labelling and tracking your belongings.
You should also find out if the moving company asks for an appliances service charge and find out what their policy is for preparing appliances for transport.
If you’re going to require storage before unloading your goods, find out if the company offers such a service and if possible, check the facilities out beforehand.
7.      Claims and Complaints
It’s important to ask the company if they have any unresolved claims or complaints. If they’re a reputable company, they’ll be happy to discuss this and offer satisfactory resolutions. You can also ask how many complains they have had which will give you a good indication of their incident records. If they’re not happy to furnish such details, look for other interstate removalists in Sydney for better options.
8.      Referrals and Recommendations
Reliable service providers will be happy to provide letters from satisfied clients.
9.      Will Any Documents Be Given to Me Prior to Loading?
A professional moving company will provide you with an inventory sheet along with an order-of-service, the estimate or quotation, and the weight of goods if your move is shipment-based.
10.   Will a Professional come over to do An In-Home Estimate?
Finally, a reputable service provider will be only too happy to send over a professional to assess your home and items and prepare and accurate, full quotation. If a mover attempts to offer a quote online or over the phone without visiting in person, they may be giving you a low initial quote to try and secure your custom. They probably can’t provide a guarantee that they won’t increase the price once they see your belongings.

Be sure to ask your removers these 10 important questions before hiring a company.