Monday, June 2, 2014

My Deck This Summer


Hey my friend!  We spent a lot of time getting our two tiered deck cleaned up and ready for the summer months last weekend.  We have a small upper deck right off of our kitchen, and then a large lower deck underneath of that.  It is a great space for entertaining, and it gets a lot of shade from a huge tree right next to it.  I thought I would share what it is looking like right now.  There are still some flowers I need to plant in containers out here. 

We had a huge farewell party on Memorial Day for Our Swedish Daughter, and at the spur of the moment we decided to buy a small café table and chairs for the top deck.  We have been wanting one since we moved in here, and I just love the one we found!


I hunted around online all morning looking for a local store that had a set at a good price that I liked, to no avail.  Then, a friend suggested I check out Big Lots.  I got online to look, and found this set for $110!  Now, you can’t buy things online at Big Lots, but they do have a website and you can look at what they have in inventory at your local store.  I saw this café table set, and called to see if they had it in stock.  They said they had 5, and the race was on for me reach LC and have him go pick it up.  This is the table below, with two chairs that I already owned. 


I like these chairs better than the one’s that came with the table, and the table goes perfectly with them!  I love this weather proof wicker material.  I have had these chairs for several years and they still look brand new!   

This table is the perfect size for this deck, and it is a great place to sit and have a drink or a small meal.  And the view certainly doesn’t hurt matters. 


These are the two chairs that came with the table.  They are made of the same material and they are stackable, so easy to put away for winter.  We usually only have two chairs on this upper level, but having four really came in handy for our party!  And it is nice because our kids can sit out here with us if they want to. 


Here is a close up of the new chairs. 


Do you remember when I painted this deck last summer?  Well, here it is one year later. 


This is what it looked like right after I painted it. 


And again, here it is now.  Not too bad for the horrible winter we had!  I am thinking next summer I will give it a fresh coat of white.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to just take a small brush and go over each square.  I may even do it this year if I get the time.  But I am very happy with how it is holding up. 


This door is going to get painted very soon.  Any color suggestions?  You can see how I painted the inside of this door here.  I spray painted the door knob brushed nickel over a year ago, and it still look perfect.  I am amazed by that!


Now, let’s head down the stairs.  This is the lower level, which I love.  I so wish I could afford to completely refurnish and redecorate it.  But this will do for now.  I am thinking in a year or two we will buy some new furniture for down here. Click here to see how this lower deck looked last summer.


The space down here is fabulous, and if I had I had a bigger budget, I could do so much down here. 


This table and chairs is probably 7 years old.  Two years ago, I gave it a fresh coat of spray paint.  It needs it again.  I would love to sell this and buy a rectangular table in a completely different style. 



This area is to the right of the table and chairs.  You can see that I am now using my DIY lantern down here. 


These two chairs were a curbside find.  They need a fresh coat of paint.  But I didn’t have time to get to them before the party.  I did buy these new cushions for them.  I want to buy some outdoor pillows to prop up in them to make the backs more comfy. 


I bought some wrought iron brackets and had LC hang my ferns on these wooden posts.  I love ferns, and they do  not do well in front of our house, so we put them back here instead. You can read about how I spray painted these chairs here.


Great view, don’t you agree!


Do you remember these chairs that I found along the curb last summer, along with the one’s above?  I spray painted these red last summer.  These chairs are gliders, and are very comfy. They are holding up fairly well, but could use a touch up.  I did purchase two new cushions for them.  I decided to go with something completely neutral.  I just feel better about neutral because I know it will will match anything I decide to put out here.  Plus, the red is already a pop of color.  I don’t want to choose cushions to match my table and chairs, because they are going to need replaced in the next couple of years, so I figured tan will match anything I choose in years to come. 


These chairs are behind my table and chairs.  You can see Mr. 6 Year Old’s sandbox is also down here.  It is nice because it doesn’t get grass in it when he plays in it.  And it is pretty private back here. 


And just for fun, here is the view from the top deck. 




And this is the pond behind our house.  Right now it is muddy looking from rain.  But there are days where is it really beautiful.  It just depends on the weather at the time.  It is full of turtles and frogs.  And there are ducks, cranes and geese out there daily. 


Thanks for sticking around and taking a look at my deck!  If I had an unlimited budget, I would pay someone to stain it a darker color, I would buy a big rectangular dining set, and I would buy a big sectional conversation set as well, and probably an outdoor rug, and some other décor.  A girl can dream, right?  But for now, it is just fine, and still nice for entertaining.