Monday, June 16, 2014

Making your Windows Stand Out with Digitally Printed Blinds

Image by Blinded Flowers via Flickr

There is an easy way to transform any room or window, and really make a statement, that is having a digitally printed blind made and installed. With digital printing there is no end to the designs that you can have printed, from scenic landscapes, images of animals, or even family photos, the list is endless. Not only can this add a personal touch to your home, you can also use this creatively for your office or place of business.

Printed Blinds for your Home

Image by Blinded Flowers via Flickr

There are many homes that have custom made blinds, and this is a great way to add some creative flair to your home. Imagine that you are standing in the kitchen and doing the dishes. Instead of having nothing to look at, you could have an image of the perfect sunset, or idyllic beach scene, printed on a blind. It will certainly make doing the dishes seem a bit less of a chore! For your study, you could get a night time cityscape view printed on your blind, including all of the lit up skyscrapers. For your children’s room, you could get your child’s favourite characters printed on your blind, and why not choose an aquatic theme for the bathroom with images of dolphins or fish? Whatever you can think of, it is possible to get printed on a blind, so you can really let your imagination loose and be creative.

Printed Blinds for your Business

Image by hollywood blvd via Flickr

Most business owners are always looking for good ways to market themselves and try and increase brand awareness, as well as sales. Most companies miss out on the opportunity of using their windows as free advertising space. Digital printing allows you to print even the most complex of logos, so you can advertise your business easily, and affordably, by just pulling your blinds closed. In order to make sure that the business or office is not too dark, it is possible to use lighter materials for the blinds, which still allow a significant amount of sunlight through, being almost translucent, whilst restricting the view inside. If you have large windows, this gives you a large amount of space which you can utilise to advertise your business.

A Quick and Easy Process

There are many companies that offer digitally printed blinds, all across Australia, so if you look on the internet you should find a number of companies that can assist you. Most of the companies operate in a similar way, and you will need to provide the artwork for the blinds, in a suitable format and of a high enough resolution, in order for them to print. Most companies will also have a range of stock images, that you can select and print to your blinds. This will give you a wide range of choice, and you do not have to worry about getting the best artwork, or with the best resolution. The blinds are fairly easy to install, with only a few tools and basic DIY skills needed. The most important thing is to make sure that you get all of your measurement accurate, double and even triple checking to make sure that you have it right. This can save a lot of problems down the line if you measure wrongly, and your blind does not fit when it arrives. Most companies will offer guidelines on their website which will show you how to measure your windows accurately, to make sure that you get it right. Then once you have chosen your design, place your order and wait for your blinds to arrive. It will not be long till you add some flair to your home or office, or even get some free advertising!