Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reflections on Motherhood

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media®, but all my opinions are my own.

This Mother’s Day is particularly meaningful to me because my oldest, Miss 18 Year Old, will be graduating in a couple of weeks, and leaving for college in August.  I seriously can’t believe that 18 years has went by so fast!  Where did the years go?  I feel like it wasn’t long enough, like I didn’t get it all done, didn’t take her to all the places I wanted to take her, didn’t teach her every last thing she needs to know, I am not finished yet, this day can’t come so soon!  I am not ready yet. 


That is how I feel, but I don’t think she would agree.  She is ready, she is excited, she is looking forward to this next stage of her life, and leaving the nest, and spreading her wings and flying.  While I can’t stop the tears from flowing, she says she won’t shed one.  And I guess that is the way it is supposed to be, the way it has been for all of time.  I remember being her at that age, and I felt the same way. 


I must remember that I still have two at home who will be around for a while, and that I am not finished yet!  I have many more cross country meets, soccer games, basketball games, and track meets to cheer at.  More 4H Camps to drop off at and pick up from.  More homecoming dances, proms, first dates, learning permits, driver’s licenses, and first cars. More family vacations to go on, and hopefully Miss 18 Year Old will be there for some of them.  I am sure I have a few more broken hearts to tend to, more scratches, bruises, and maybe a couple of broken bones.  More birthday parties, sleep overs, and fun with friends.  Much more dirty laundry, stinky sports shoes, and messy bedrooms are awaiting me.

cross country

No, I am not finished yet.  There is so much more left for this momma to do.  Of course, as a mother to three lovely (and sometimes rotten) children, my job really won’t end until the day I die, will it?  One of the most important jobs for a busy mom is to try to make sure my children eat healthy and remain active.  That is not always easy in the midst of rushing around to get from work to the kids activities.  So I try to buy things that are quick and easy access, but still healthy.  Grocery shopping is a weekly event here when we are shopping for 5 people.  I love to shop organic when I can.  Both LC, myself, and the kids love these Lifeway Kefir products.  They are great to have around when we have a busy week.


And the Pro Bugs are great to pack in Mr. 6 Year Old’s lunch, or for any time of the day. 


And on the weekends, I try to make a special breakfast and a special dinner.  Something we don’t always have time for during the busy work and school week.  My kids love to make juice and smoothies, and I love it too, because I know how healthy it is for them.  We don’t always have time during the school year to make smoothies, but I love to have fresh fruit available for them, and we try to make them on the weekends and during the summer much more often that that.  This is the spread I had on Sunday morning for us.  Simple, easy and healthy.  Lots of fresh fruit, Lifeway Kefir, Pro Bugs for Mr. 6 Year Old, and the smoothie maker so they can have fun making their own smoothies. 


Miss 18 Year Old was off to work, so she just drank a quick glass of the Strawberry Kefir and grabbed some fresh fruit to take with her. 


If I lay it all out on display for them and make it look pretty, I find they are much more likely to eat it that if they have to get it out themselves. 


We made smoothies using bananas, fresh berries, and Lifeway Kefir on Sunday, and they were delicious!  But it is also delicious on it’s own, the kids love to drink it before school. 


Mr. 6 Year Old can’t decide which flavor he wants on this morning. 


He finally chose the Strawnana, and he drank it faster than lightning!


I don’t know what it is about a fresh smoothie, but when I make them, the kids coming running. Have you tried adding probiotics to your diet?  If so, have you tried Lifeway Kefir?  What is your favorite flavor?  If you live locally and are looking for these products, the store with the biggest selection I have found is in Morgantown at the Kroger in Suncrest Plaza.  


LC and Mr. 14 Year Old like to make protein shakes and they say they love to add the plain Lifeway Kefir into their shakes.  They drink these every day.  They are both runners, so it is important to feed their bodies.  LC is lactose intolerant, and all of the Lifeway Kefir products are lactose free!  That is a huge plus for him! 


If you love Lifeway Kefir as much as my family does, or if you want to learn more about it, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  

Being a mom is the single most important job I will ever have.  My children’s failures are my failures, and their success is my success.  I am so blessed to have healthy children, and I try not to take that for granted.  Even though I am a little melancholy at this time of graduation and going off to college, I thank God for giving me three children to love.  I know that another chapter is about to begin in my oldest child’s life.  She may not need me in the same ways, but she will need me in different ways than before, and I will be there.  And as for my two youngest children, I will appreciate my time with them even more than before, because now that my oldest child is more independent and living away, I will have more time to focus on them than before. 

To all of you mothers out there, happy Mother’s Day!  And if yours are still young, soak it all up because it will all be over before you know it.  In the blink of any eye, they will be all grown up.  And like me, you will ask yourself, where did the time go?