Sunday, May 11, 2014

Decorate Your Space With Stylish Tissues From Kleenex

Many thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring this story today, and keeping my tissues stylish.

How much do you hate goodbyes?  Goodbyes are so hard, and we have a very big one coming up in the next few weeks.  Sadly, our Swedish daughter’s time with us is coming to an end, and much too quickly.  We could not love her more, and we are dreading the day that we have to say goodbye.  At the same time we are praying that we will see her again.  Oh God, I can barely even write about this without tears welling up in my eyes.  We all just love her so much and thank God that we had the opportunity to welcome her into our home for the past ten months.  And this is going to be such a hard goodbye, especially for the kids.  Well, for all of us really.

I knew within the first week of her being here that I had fallen madly in love with her, and that this was ultimately going to break my heart.  I felt that goodbye coming even back then. 

The good news in this is that her family is coming here from Sweden!  And we are having a great big American party for all of them.  We invited all of our family and all of the friends she has made in America, and we are going to show those Swedes how American’s celebrate! It will be bittersweet, because the party will be so much fun, but in the end, everyone is really coming to say farewell.  I am sure you will here me talk more about this in the weeks to come, so I am going to try to dry my eyes and write the rest of this post now. 

Since this is going to be a tearful occasion, I have stocked up on lots of Kleenex, and I have it strategically, and stylishly placed in all of the places where people will be congregating.  Have you seen how stylish Kleenex has become recently?  I am blown away!


Look at these fabulous Kleenex boxes!  No longer do I feel like I need to hide my box under a tissue cover.  They just fit right in with my d├ęcor!  Kleenex partnered with Isaac Mizrahi to create 4 designs which are intended to evoke confidence and inspiration to help you express your personal style and step out of your comfort zone when it comes to incorporating the latest trends. Exclusively on the Kleenex style finder you can watch videos featuring Isaac Mizrahi where he provides his latest style advice and shares his own experience as a design leader for more than two decades.


And how cute are these little round containers of Kleenex?  I want one in every nook and cranny of my home!  I have allergies, so I use them A LOT. 


I am even going to place some outside, because much of the party will be happening on our back deck. 


And these Kleenex hand towels are perfect for entertaining.  Especially when there are lots of different people in and out of the house using the bathroom.  Who wants to use the same hand towel over and over at a party?


This is where I get ready every morning, and I use Kleenex to blow my nose the minute I wake up, to blot my makeup sponges and brushes, and of course my lipstick too.  Here’s a little secret:  When blotting my lipstick, I take the two ply tissue apart, and just use one of the pieces.  I save the other one for the next time I apply my lipstick.  They last a lot longer that way, and are just as effective. 


We might not be emotionally prepared yet to say goodbye to our Swedish daughter, but thanks to Kleenex we will be prepared for the tears that will surely be flowing.  And by gosh, we are going to be stylish while we cry!

To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they’re bringing you another innovative first: The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun, inspiring way to discover more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products you love. And maybe even a few that’ll take you by surprise.You can take the style quiz read fun facts about the history of Kleenex.

Whether you’re decorating at home or adding a pop of color to your clutch, Kleenex has you covered.