Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday 04/09

Welcome to my Weekly WIWW post!  Every week, for several months now, I have been taking pictures of my outfits and joining the WIWW link party with The Pleated Poppy.  These posts are something that I really enjoy, because I have always had a passion for fashion.  I love putting together new outfits, and shopping my own closet to wear things in different ways.
In case you are new to my blog, I am a school counselor at a middle school.  That is my career.  Most of the outfits are things I wear to work.  I dress accordingly.  I work in a school full of hormonal teenage boys and girls, and I dress conservatively for my environment.  These are basically teacher outfits!  I do also post things I wear on weekends and those outfits are sometimes not as conservative.  Let’s get started!  I love this first outfit!  The black skirt and shirt are designed by a friend of mine.  She has an Etsy shop called Little Black Designs.  If you read my WIWW post last week, I introduced you to another of her dresses.  This little black tee and skirt are so comfortable and versatile.  They can be paired with virtually anything!  I wore it with this striped cardigan at work.  I usually need a sweater because it is cold. 
I wore the hose to work with the cardigan, however, If I were to wear just the skirt and shirt, I would probably take the hose off and change out the shoes.  I didn’t do that here, I actually wore this with the sweater, but wanted to show you these pieces without the sweater. 

I lightened this picture a little more so that you could see more of the details of these pieces.  You will be seeing more clothes from Little Black Designs in the next few weeks.   

This is what I wore to Miss 18 Year Old’s birthday dinner.  I love these polka dotted jeans!  I have not even started getting my spring or summer clothes out yet, so I have been a little limited on warm days. You can see another way I styled these jeans here.  

Without the white blazer.

This is Miss 18 Year Old before her birthday dinner.  She bought this skirt at a thrift store. She purchased these cute boots at Target over the weekend.  I could not find the exact pair online, but these are very similar.

This is her with Our Swedish Daughter. 

This was a casual Friday outfit.  I got the inspiration for this outfit from this outfit that I pinned

I wanted to show you a close up of this necklace I bought a few weeks ago at Anthropologie.  I absolutely love this necklace!  It is no longer available, but this one is similar.  


This outfit was inspired by this outfit that I pinned.  I always love Jennifer Aniston’s style. 


I hope you enjoyed my What I Wore Wednesday Post this week!  Last week, I had my first experience with a hater.  It happened on my Facebook page.  I had posted my WIWW post to my Facebook page like I always do, and a complete stranger decided to bash most everything about me.  Let me see, she said that one of my dresses looked like a prairie dress, that I have a fabulous body and why am I trying to hide it? (Um, I work in a middle school.  I don’t think I am trying to show off my body.  And if I were, that would just be sad.)  Let’s see, what else?  Oh yeah, My shoes looked like they were from the 1800’s (they were Nine West shoes), my boots were horrible (Cole Haan boots), my hose were ugly, and I don’t wear enough makeup! 
I was floored that someone took the time to write all of that!  And no, those are not the exact words.  I can’t tell you the exact words, because after reading my response, she removed her comment.  I don’t expect everyone to like my style.  We are all different and have different styles.  If you don’t happen to like my style, that is completely fine with me.  What is not fine, however, is to feel the need to tell me that.  I don’t get that.  I am 43 years old and a mother of three children.  I have a professional job, and need to dress appropriately.  I try to be both stylish and appropriate at the same time.  Sometimes I love the outfits I put together, and sometimes I hate them.  But I usually post them regardless, because I want to keep it real.  I could only show you the very best of me.  I choose not to do that.  So, to those of you who enjoy these posts and are supportive, thank you!  To those of you who see these posts and don’t enjoy them, please move on and be kind.  That is all I ask. 
If you do enjoy these posts, and would like to see more of my WIWW outfits, I have a page dedicated to them.  Have a great Wednesday! 

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