Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trashtastic Tuesday- Thrifty and Antique Finds

Welcome to Trashtastic Tuesday!  This is a little series around here where I show you something that I thrifted, sometimes I make it over, sometimes I don’t.  Or it may be something that I have owned and I am tired of, or no longer like, so I make it over.  But nevertheless, it is usually something that I paid very little money for.  I have a treat for you today from a recent road trip we took.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already caught a few peeks. 


On Good Friday, we took a little trip to the Sugar Creek, Walnut Creek, Berlin area of Ohio – to Amish Country.  This area is the home to the biggest Amish population in the country.  Unfortunately, all of the Amish owned stores were closed for Good Friday.


Stupid us!  We should have known that!  But there were still plenty of stores open for business, and we had a great time.  The highlight of our trip for me was the drive we took down some of the roads where several Amish farms are located.  It was right before dinner, and all of the Amish families were on their way to some kind of event.  They were all dressed up in their long black dresses and black suits with black hats.  You are asked not to take pictures of the Amish.  I took these pictures with my cell phone from a far away distance.  None of them saw me taking the pictures, I would not want to disrespect them, but I could not help myself from sneaking a couple!


We were fortunate to see a lot of them out and about, and they looked so lovely.  Like something out of a story book.  I was amazed.  What a treat that was for us all, and especially our Swedish daughter, who will probably never have an opportunity to see something like that again!  We traveled behind this buggy with the children for some time.  this pictures was taken before we started seeing them all dressed up. These are the normal clothes you can usually spot them wearing.


We did visit a flea market and a big antique store.  I took some shots of some things in the store.  This was a table of milk glass. 


And lots of jars everywhere. 


Wanna see what I actually bought?  All of these things are totally trashtastic!  Some were bought at the antique store, some at a Goodwill in the area, and some at a flea market. 


I thought this little flag would be the perfect flag to hang out front, especially since our Swedish daughter’s family is going to be visiting us soon!  Exciting!  I made a comment to her that it would be nice for them to see an American flag when they arrive at our home.  She assured me that we did not need a flag to prove we were American.  It is already obvious, she said!  I mean, I wasn’t quite sure they would know, lol.  All of the landscaping will get a fresh layer of mulch before they come too. 


I could not resist buying a blue Ball jar.  The Jar and the hob nail milk glass dish were from the antique store.  I bought the dish for our Swedish daughter’s parents.  I thought it would be a nice gift, since it is Fenton, and made in West Virginia.  The plate with a Norman Rockwell print on it was found at Goodwill.  I like the colors in the picture. 


This is the bottom of the dish.  I need to clean it. 


I love the red gardenias.  I bought two bunches.  These were from the flea market.  And the basket was from Goodwill.  The green ball was also from the flea market.  I am currently using the basket on our master bathroom.  It was just the right size to sit on the side of our tub to contain toys.  Mr. 6 Year Old usually bathes in there.  The green ball is hanging in our kitchen. 


I found this vintage sheet at Goodwill.  I like the colors.  It totally reminds me of sheets that we had when I was growing up. 


And here is where it ended up.  That’s right people, I am keeping it real up in this joint!  I always have a blanket or something to protect my sofa because I live with the three little pigs.  I needed something for summer because the blanket I used last summer had a hole in it.  So this was perfect to use.  I promise, I do take it off before we have company.  But this is how our sofa usually looks.  Well, not really, the pillows are usually on the floor, ha!


I also bought this odd metal object at the antique store.  Anyone know what it is?  I have been collecting objects for a gallery wall in our living room, and thought this would be great on the wall. 


And my most favorite purchase was this vintage table cloth that I bought for $2 at the antique store.  I love it so much!


Can I get a what what?  Look at those gorgeous colors!  This is what Trashtastic Tuesday is all about, folks!


Look at the lovely tasseled edge!


I love the way it looks like a coloring book that is only partially colored in. 


It is a round table cloth and this is an oval table.  But I don’t really care.  Well, actually if I took the leaf out it would be round, but we always keep the leaf in.  I just threw the red flowers into this yellow pitcher for the pictures.  Not sure if it will stay or not.  You may remember this pitcher from the fall


The round table cloth doesn’t fit the oval table perfectly, but I think it adds a touch of quirkiness that I kind of like.  And if I have something going on where I want it to fit perfectly, I’ll just pop out the leaf.  I just think this table cloth is so cheerful for spring! 


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I am sure you will be seeing my trashtastic finds pop up in future posts.  Do you have a favorite from the things I bought?  Have you been to Amish country before?  It is only about a three hours drive for us, so we have been several times.  But this time, getting to see the Amish all dressed up, was my favorite trip of all! 

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