Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kendra's Fashion Challenge - Miami Style

Today is Wednesday, and it is the day I usually post my outfits for the week, but not today!  I will be back to normal next week with some daily outfits to share, but today I have a fun post to share with you!  I was contacted last week by Kendra Thornton.   She is a well known travel expert and has been featured on several news channels and shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus. This is Kendra.

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She invited me to participate in a fashion challenge, and create a couple of boards with some outfit suggestions for an upcoming trip she is taking to Miami with her husband.  Well, if you know me, you know that I was all over that challenge like white on rice!  Here is a little background information about Kendra and the trip they have planned:

My husband and I are going on a fabulous trip to Miami. I've been looking forward to this trip for some time, I also wanted to create a fashion challenge contest because I need some help with packing. This trip has me so excited I really would love some new items that go perfectly with where we'll be staying and the activities that we'll be enjoying. Going to Miami is a real treat for my husband and I. Everyone deserves a break now and then, right? That's exactly what this trip is all about. My fashion challenge contest is to help me find outfits that I can wear around Miami while we're shopping, going to the beach and heading out to experience the world class nightlife in Florida's party capital. Here are some details for my marvelous Miami vacation!

There are so many amazing things to do in Miami. You can go snorkeling, fishing and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean or spend afternoons exploring all of the different boutiques and art deco galleries. We are going to visit the Hotel Beaux Arts Miami hotel. We found this fab hotel using the social media booking site called gogobot. This hotel has all the exact accommodations that my husband and I are looking for. It's a very exclusive and modern art hotel that was meant to inspire its guests as well as provide them with every comfort. Looking on gogobot, you can see why so many people have reserved a room at this hotel. I want to look my best when we're visiting this swanky hotel! A posh yet slightly casual look will work perfectly.

There are so many things to love about this hotel because it seems every aspect of culture and fashion was considered when creating this incredible getaway spot. The hotel rooms feature Brazilian cherry wood floors and Italian marble bathrooms. There are huge flat screen televisions and lots of other little luxuries. I'm incredibly lucky to be staying at this hotel with my husband. I'm sure we'll enjoy it. Since this hotel is located in Miami, we'll likely visit some of the artsy places around the hotel as well. I'll definitely want a hip outfit that's comfortable and easily wearable as we walk around the city.

At night, we'll be headed to one of Miami's many upscale restaurants and bars. I can't wait to go dancing with my husband. We have such busy lives. It's a real treat to be able to spend time together in a different setting that's also romantic and fun. There are a variety of different clubs and restaurants around Beaux Arts. I am so super excited to see what types of looks you come up with for my vacation!!! =)

So, are you dying to see what I picked out for Kendra for her trip?  Let me just tell you that I spent hours, I tell ya, hours, creating these fashion boards!  They are addicting!  This first outfit is for day.  I am really digging retro bathing suits right now, so I chose a two piece for Kendra that has a very retro vibe.  She is close to my age, and also has three children, and I don't know about her, but I like to wear a bathing suit that I feel comfortable in but still looks trendy and sexy, and I think this bathing suit is perfect.  The Kimono is something that she can use as a cover up at the beach or the pool, and if she wants to hit some galleries or boutiques, all she has to do is throw on the shorts, shirt, and some jewelry right over her bathing suit and she will be good to go.  The kimono also looks great with the outfit, so it will be cool for both.  And how cute is that bag with the retro scene on it?  I love having my Kindle with me at the beach or pool, because it is easier than trying to hold a book open, and you can see it perfectly even when the sun is shining.

Miami Daytime

And then, this outfit is for a night out at a swanky restaurant, and dancing the night away.  I am in love with this colorful dress.  I think it will look great on Kendra.  The pink pashmina is in case the air conditioning is a little chilly, or if they end up outside, in case it is windy.  I also love the bright blue peep toe sandals, and because the pashmina is pink, the shoes are blue and there are several colors in the dress itself, I went with black and white jewelry and clutch.  I think all of the accessories look great with this outfit!

Miami at Night

I had so much fun with this challenge!  I could put together fashion and interior boards for days, people!  I hope you like them, but most of all, I hope that Kendra likes them!  After all, I created them both with her in mind.  What do you think of the things I chose for a trip to Miami, any favorites?  Are you all about the vintage swim suit like me, or does the thought of them make you squirm?

Have a great hump day!  I'll be back next week with my regular What I Wore Wednesday post, promise!

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