Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Curb Appeal – Painting Handrails

I woke up Sunday morning, and decided to paint our front stoop hand rails.  Completely  not planned.  And it completely happened!  Yay!  This is the money shot…minus potted flowers.  That won’t happen until Mother’s Day.  Pretend that chalk paint is not on the stairs, mmkay?

This is a similar shot before we started.  It was ragged. 

Next is a whole bunch of before and after shots.  This one is before. 


After.  So fresh and bright!

Before.  You can see where LC got this post with the weed eater.  That hopefully won’t happen again now that it is finished. 

Such a big improvement!  I can’t stop walking out there to look at it!  Our Swedish daughter’s family is coming to visit on Memorial Day weekend, and we really wanted to get this done before hand. 

There are still some gaps, but it just looks so much better it is crazy.  We would love to eventually put a roof over the stoop, and replace this railing.  We may do it before we sell it if we think we can get our money back for it. 


After.  We swept off the stoop and stairs as much as possible.  It still needs done again though.  It was that dirty

LC scraped everything down and got all of the loose paint off, then he sanded the parts that still had tiny loose edges. 

Next, I primed everything.  There were parts of this railing that had never been painted.  We also have problems with boring bees out here.  We filled in several holes. 

This transformation makes me feel so much better about our home’s curb appeal.  I won’t mind having company walk up to our door now!

Before, but after scraping. 

After, wow!  That just makes me smile!  Although that pot is begging for some flowers.  Any suggestions for full sun most of the day.  What flowers would do best?

More priming.  Our painter man neighbor gave us the perfect primer from Sherwin Williams.  It worked great!  It really covered so well that We only needed one coat of paint on the stairs!  I touched up a few spots twice, but for the most part it took one coat!


I really love how well it turned out. 


Wanna come over for a drink?  I could use something tropical after painting all day!  Such a cheap and simple thing you can do all by yourself, and it makes our home feel  much more alive!  


Right here is an upcoming project.  I am going to attempt to paint this outdoor light.  Oh, and look at the cute wreath hanger with a deer on it!  The light will be oil rubbed bronze like the deer.  I also painted the piece of wood right under the front door white.  It had never been painted before.  It cleaned it up a little bit. 

What a difference a day makes, right?  I am so happy to check that one off of our list!  What types of outdoor work have you begun?   I would love to read about them in the comments!