Monday, March 24, 2014

My Design Style

So, how many of you are cray-cray obsessed with have seen the series that Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof created called What’s Your Style?  If not, you have to check it out!  Best series ever!  The series has lasted through January, February and March, and it included 13 bloggers sharing their decorating styles, and showing how their homes are decked out in that particular style.  Sadly, the series is almost over, but you can still go back and stalk all of those 13 blogs and see their individual decorating styles. They have one more part that you can catch too, that hasn't been posted yet.

See, I am not a professional interior designer.  And hard though it may be to believe, I have no training whatsoever.  I know, it is stunning, right?  Ha!   I kid, I think it is quite obvious that I am not a pro here, people.   I have always had a love for decorating though, and if I could go back in time and be 18 again, I would totally major in interior design!  But alas, that is not going to happen.  So, I kind of feel my way around in the dark and just do what I like.  Thankfully, I have so many awesome blogs to read and learn from!  I have asked myself many times what my design style is.  And I could never quite decide. 

So thank you to Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof, and all of the other 12 bloggers who participated, for helping me get started on my own personal style journey.  One blog in particular, So Much Better with Age, was such a help to me in getting started on this journey.  I loved the way Jamie broke down how she found her own decorating style.  Her style is Industrial Beachy French, BTW.  And she created a cheat sheet using each of those three words,  Under each word she wrote key words that helped to define each of the three words, and what they mean to her, industrial, beachy and French.  When I saw her cheat sheet, that really hit home with me, and helped me to believe that I too, could define my style, finally! 

After much researching, pondering, stalking other blogs, and pinning away, I think I have a handle on my own style.  I am calling my style Eclectic Modern Polished Casual.  I even developed my own cheat sheet, wanna see it?  I will show it to you, and then we will talk some more about how I cam to these realizations, and I will show you some pictures of my style. 

My Design Style

The term polished casual came from a quiz that I took about defining my decorating style.  If you would like to take the quiz too, click here.  When I saw that my results were Polished Casual, I felt that that term described my style very well, but I wanted to add a little more to that.  So, I started looking at the styles of all of the 13 bloggers from the What’s My Style Series, and what their styles were, and then I looked at lots of pictures and images online.  Finally, I came up with Eclectic modern polished casual.  And I think that fits me perfectly. 

Do I think my home reflects my style perfectly?  Not necessarily, but I do know that all of the things on the cheat sheet above are what I will be aiming for in the future.  Now, I feel like I know what to shop for and how I want my home to look.  and I want it to reflect all of the things above. 

I created a secret Pinterest board full of images of my decorating style, and today I am making it public so that I can share it with all of you!  I also started an idea book on Houzz that I have been adding to gradually.  The following are some of my favorite images from my boards. 

I think this room is eclectic in that it has methodically mismatched furniture.  The console and the chairs are painted two different colors.  It has a touch of modern with the polished brass candlesticks.  The table setting is elegant, which falls into the Polished category.  The music page artwork adds a touch of rustic.  The table cloth, draperies, area rug, and cotton in a vase add texture and natural.  I think this is a homey dining room.  Not too fancy, just casual and comfortable. 

I love that buffet

This shot is just a small peek at a kitchen, but it has several elements that fit my style.  The stone backsplash adds that natural touch, and some texture.  The fresh flowers bring in that natural element.  The black counter tops add a modern flare.  And the faucet adds a bit of bling.  The white cabinets are both modern and preppy, and the accessories look like they could have been collected over time at flea markets. 

Love the look of this stacked pebble backsplash!

The ceiling in this living room is rustic and worn looking.  Yet the coffee table is very modern and clean.  The sofa is overstuffed and cozy looking, like you could sink right into it.  The rug, the throw, and the brick all  add texture.  I love the mix of old and new,  Several things in this space are opposite.  But it all works together to make a very inviting, comfortable room. 

This is such an inviting entryway!  The white painted table are so fresh and clean.  The mirror adds a touch of elegance.  The white tulips in the rustic looking baskets look so natural and fresh.  I love the natural light pouring in from the front door.  The table runner and the moss covered O both add texture.  And the wood door and flooring both add a great touch.  

Common Ground: Sweet vignette

There is so much I like about this kitchen, starting with how light and airy it is.  This kitchen is a mix of both old and new.  It looks like things were collected over time.  The stainless steel appliances are modern and shiny, and the blue stove looks vintage.  The butcher block and the hanging light pendant both look old too.  The ceiling gives it a casual vibe.  Everything about this kitchen makes it look collected over time, homey and casual.   

This dining area looks both modern and casual.  Again, natural sunlight in this room is awesome.  The brick wall and the upholstered furniture add texture.  There is a chippy, old looking candle stick on the table next to the sunny yellow flowers in a fresh white vase.  The sofa on one side of the table makes it look so inviting and comfortable.  I also like the lantern.  It could have been found somewhere. 

Whitewashed brick idea for the living room.

This home office looks fresh, modern, and collected.  I would bet that there are some thrifted items and some curbside finds.  The mirrors leaning against the wall and the glass lamp add a reflective, polished touch.  The black desk is simple, and simply decorated, and the pink chair with the leopard print pillow adds a touch of grown up glamour. 

{Room Reveal} DIY-Filled Home Office

I love the casual vibe of this table.  It looks like everything was just casually thrown together.  The rustic looking cart are opposite from the shiny, modern lamp.  The woven basket and the throw spilling out add warmth and texture.  And notice the mirror leaning against the wall on the bottom shelf.  It is unexpected and adds some shine down there.  Unfortunately, the source for this image is unavailable. 


I would love to have this bathroom.  I love the clean white cabinetry, the marble counter tops and tile flooring are timeless.  The wall sconces, mirrors, faucets and glass knobs are all shiny and add some bling to the room.  I love the upholstered blue chair.  It looks like a comfortable place to get ready each day.  The Television on the wall would be awesome to have.  This room looks both polished and casual at the same time. 

This living room is described as a playful mix, and I agree.  This room looks like it was collected over time, and some of the items were found at thrift stores.  The rug looks vintage, the coffee table and floor adds a nice wood tone.  And I love the comfortable looking sofa and the overstuffed red pillows. 

Coffee Table
There are more things about each of these images that I could describe as reasons why they fit my style, but then this post would be way too long.  So I will stop here.  I will show you in another post some things I have done in my own home that fit the style I am going for, but again, this post is already long enough. 
I am so happy that I have begun this journey to define my decorating style.  I still don’t know everything I need to know about decorating, but through reading so many other blogs and researching things on the internet, I really have learned so much in the past two years, and my style has come a long way since then! 
Have you ever thought about your own decorating style?  How would you define it?  Please tell me in the comments below!  I love to hear from different people! 

Thanks for sticking with me through this wordy post, and if you are like me, and wondering how to define your own style, I hope you found some inspiration here today.  Have a great week!

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