Monday, February 24, 2014

Master Bathroom- Plans For a Change

My Master Bathroom Inspiration Board

Ever since we moved in this house, I have been hating on the sinks and vanities.  Seriously, I am fairly certain they were put in when this house was built in 1996.  We have three bathrooms in this house, and all three have oak vanities and the same exact cultured marble sinks.  You know, the kind that are the counters and sinks all in one piece.  Now, I don’t necessarily have a problem with cultured marble, if it is white.  But I am not that lucky.  Oh no!  All three of my sinks are pink swirl!  I mean, really?  Whoever was planning the three bathrooms in this house thought pink swirls were a fabulous idea?  Because pink swirls go with everything, right?

So needless to say, I have been waiting patiently for the day that I could talk my husband into spending a little of our budget on an update in our master bathroom, and praise the Lord, Saturday was that day!  We actually went to Home Depot and ordered a new counter, and purchased a new sink to put into the counter, so now I am in a bathroom state of mind, know what I mean? 

LC gave me a $500 budget to update this master bathroom.  Do you think I can do it?  Oh, I know I can!  The counter I ordered, along with the sink that we already brought home, only totaled $227.  And believe it or not, that is with installation!  They are even coming out first to measure for it so it will be the perfect fit!  We did get an extra 10% because they were running a special on counter tops.  I do believe the sale ended yesterday though. 

I have been perusing the internet, and pinning things like crazy for the past several days, and I am starting to get a vision of what the bathroom is going to look like.  I am really good at envisioning the finished product in my mind, and it usually comes pretty close in the end.  But I have never really experimented much with inspiration boards.  But back in January, I saw a post written by Cassie at Hi Sugarplum about Polyvore.  She was running a contest to create a Sassy and Classy Home Inspiration Board, and I decided to enter, just for fun.  You can see the board I created here

So when I started thinking bathrooms, I decided to use Polyvore to create a little inspiration board.  Obviously, you can see it above.  I am new at inspiration boards, so it is probably  not the best, but it gives you an idea of where I am going with this.  So, let’s talk about my master bathroom, shall we?  I ordered a WilsonArt laminate countertop in calcutta marble.  Trust me when I say that I did not choose this on a whim.  I looked at every picture I could find of these counters.  And they look surprisingly real!  Here are a couple of pictures that I used as my inspiration for purchasing this counter top.

If you have never seen the blog Amy’s Casablanca, you are missing out, her house is gorgeous.  This is her downstairs bathroom with the same countertop I ordered.  And actually, I bought a sink that is very similar.  But our faucet will be brushed nickel because we are keeping the same faucet we already have for now.  And I did not choose the same edge that she chose.

Obviously this next picture is a kitchen, not a bathroom.  But it has the same counter I ordered.  And I ordered it in this same edge.  After looking at several pictures, I just liked the square edge better.  There is the problem of the seam being dark because it is laminate.  But, I have seen two different blog posts where they painted that tiny seam white, and it completely disappears.  So, that is what I am planning on doing.  I did not include a back splash either.  I like the look better without one, like the picture below.  If I decide I want a backsplash after it is in, I will DIY a tile backsplash or something.  

Layla from The Lettered Cottage even wrote a whole post about these counters.  So I feel pretty good abut them, based on all of my research. 

I am planning on painting my existing vanity grey, which you can see in the inspiration board.  I am currently trying to choose an exact color of grey.  I think I have decided to wait until the counter is actually installed to paint it though, just in case it were to get knocked or scratched.  Of course, I will also replace the knobs. 

In other master bathroom news, I recently acquired 4 large framed mirrors for $6 each!  I have a friend who owns a consignment shop locally, and she recently contacted me and told me she had several large framed mirrors to get rid of and asked me if I wanted some of them (she knows I am a blogger).  I jumped right on it and took 4.  All of our bathrooms have that builder grade large mirror over the vanities, so I immediately knew I could use them in our bathrooms.  And I didn’t even have to actually pay for them, because I had store credit there and I just used it for the mirrors. 

So, I will be painting the frames, or DIYing them in some way, and hanging two of them in our bathroom.  There is one catch though.  Our vanity only has one sink, right in the middle.  Do you think it will look stupid to hang two framed mirrors side by side over it?  LC thinks it will look fine, I am uncertain, so I would love for you to tell me your opinion in the comments.  I even thought of just hanging the framed mirrors right on top of the builder grade mirror.  I have seen it done and like the look.  What do you think?

Just in case you have not seen my bathroom, here are some pictures for you.  I am going to paint the walls, which we be no small task, due to the height of the ceilings, which I love by the way.  I am going to use a product called Grout Renew to make the grout look clean and fresh.  I am also thinking about doing something to the little square inlays.  I would love to make them black, but I am still thinking on that.  The light over the mirror is definitely going to be changed out, can’t wait for that.  I despise that light, it is so old that it is starting to rust!


I changed out the lampshade that is pictured here about a month ago.  I haven’t shown it yet on the blog though. 


And here is a close up of the lovely pink swirls.  I will not miss them!

IMG_0782 (1)

This is the bathtub nook.  I actually like what I have going on here.  I may change out the curtain though, depending on how I like it with the new vanity and wall paint color.  I am also planning on a new shower curtain and rugs.  And of course, I am sure the accessories will be changing too, because you know how that story goes.  When you give a mouse a cookie…

I am confident that I can update this bathroom, and make it look like a new room, for less than $500.  And I am going to have fun doing it!  Well, the painting part won’t be fun, but it will be worth it.  The vanity won’t even look like the same vanity when I am finished with it.  I hope you will stick around to see this transformation.  I will be updating my progress on the blog every step of the way!  Stay tuned!  And before I go, I am throwing in a couple of other inspiration pictures that I have been finding.  Enjoy! 

Of course, my bathroom won't look exactly like either of those, but those both caught my eye when I was searching grey vanities.  Have any of you recently updated your bathroom on a budget?  I can’t wait to get started on ours!  Have a great week!

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