Monday, February 17, 2014

Changes in the Master Bedroom - New Bedding

We recently made a major change in our Master Bedroom that changed the whole look of the room.  New bedding!  If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a sneak peek of our new bedding. 


On Friday after work, I came home and just tore off our old duvet on a whim.  I had been hating on it for quite a while, and I just couldn’t live with it anymore.  So off it went.  I had purchased a new adjustable bed skirt a few weeks prior to that.  and I had been browsing around online at new bedding, but couldn’t find anything I liked on our budget.  I knew I wanted something completely neutral that I wouldn’t get tired of so easily, and that I could change out the colors of the bedroom and it would still match. 


After tearing off the duvet, the next day, I was home alone, and I decided to remove the old red bedskirt and put my new bedskirt on.  I was left with the plain white duvet filler, and a neutral bedskirt.  It just wasn’t cutting it.  All of a sudden, I remembered that I had $90 in my purse that I had left from Christmas.  So I decided to make a trip to Gabriel Brother’s. 


And boy, did I strike gold!  I found this bedding set that included a duvet, with the filler, two euro shams, two regular shams and two decorative pillows.  I unzipped it a bit and I knew it was very good quality.


It was the right color and the right price, at only $69.99.  So I decided to get it.  Next, I starting looking at the decorative pillows, and I found the cute little zebra print lumbar pillow for only $5.99.  I thought it would coordinate with the rest of the bedding, so in the buggy it went, and I headed off to the checkout counter. 


The grand total came up to around $80. and as I was taking it to my car, I thought to look at what the regular price was.  To my surprise, it was $549.99!!  Now, picture me laughing and cackling hysterically the rest of the way home.  I could not believe my luck!  It was the best deal I have ever got on any item I have ever bought.  I could not get home fast enough to unpack it all and start dressing my new bed!


I know it is still a little wrinkly from being in the bag, but sorry, I am just not that girl that is going to stand there and iron a duvet.  My bad. 


Would you like to know a secret about how to fill a euro pillow if you don’t have euro fillers?  Just use two pillows!  And then when you put it on the bed, position it so that the pillows are standing upright, and they won’t sag at all. 


The little zebra pillow goes perfectly with the rest of the bedding, and so does the bed skirt.  In our bedroom, due to a lack of storage, I have several under bed storage containers that house various things, like winter boots, so a bed skirt is not an option. 


One thing I hate about the bed skirts that are sold in stores, is that they always look funky on the corners of the bed.  Why oh why doesn’t someone make a slit at each corner?  This bedskirt came from K Mart, I think it was $17.99.  I had never seen an adjustable bed skirt before.  It doesn’t go under the matress like most.  It just goes around the box spring, and it has an adjustable elastic that you button together, kind of like children’s pants do nowadays.


After I got it around the box spring and buttoned up, I was left with the dilemma about what to do on the corners.  So I cheated and decided to use scissors to cut slits so that it would fit nicely around the corners.  and it worked out, because you can’t tell at all.  I like the look of this bed skirt because it isn’t flat or pleated.  It hangs perfectly, just the way I wanted a bed skirt to hang. 


The duvet unbuttons so that you can take the filler out, and it is cream on one side and just a tan linen look on the opposite side.  The cream side has stripes stitched in that are the same color. 


I absolutely love how versatile the colors are.  I can still keep my pops of red in our bedroom, or I can change them out if I want to. 


The lamps on either side of my bed are lamps that I bought at Goodwill, and I spray painted them and added new shades.  You can see the post all about them here.  The White frames are filled with free printables that I found online.  You can read more about them here


The giant metal bowl was purchased at Cold Water Creek several years ago. 


Here are a couple of close ups of the pillows. 




The night stands on either side of my bed are different.  On the left is the table that matches our furniture.  On the right is a desk that was given to me many years ago from my grandparents.  It is very old.  I painted it black a few years ago, but I need to paint it again and add knobs.  Yeah, I never have added any knobs, sorry!  The hamper under the desk is not pretty.  I am looking for something else that will fit in this spot that I like. 


I love the zebra pillow!



And the pillows and shams that came with the bedding are very nice quality. 



I haven’t bought any new sheets or blankets to match the bedding yet.  But I think my red fleece blanket looks fine for now.  It barely peeks out at the top.  Since taking these pictures, I have also tried folding the red blanket down with the duvet, and it looks cute like that too. 


I did not have anything to put at the bottom of the bed when I took these pictures.  But I have since bought a little plaid throw that has the same colors, with a little red stripe.  I like how it looks, but I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet.  Yes, I know that my green dresser does not match anything else in the room.  It is a nice quality piece of furniture, solid wood, and it has been painted several times.  I am trying to decide if I should just paint it one more time, or strip it first, any suggestions?  I also will change out the knobs.  This is just one more thing on my list of things to do. 


Here are some peeks at the rest of the room.  Look, we finally got a flat screen television in here!  The one we had was ancient, and it is now in Mr. 6 Year Old’s bedroom.  I showed you his bedroom on Friday.  I know our furniture in this room is very matchy matchy, except for the black desk and the lovely hunter green dresser.  But it is good quality furniture and it is not in the budget to do anything about it. 


This mirror was a birthday gift, from Lowes,  a few years ago.  The wicker hamper is from Pottery Barn several years ago.  We had another smaller one in the downstairs hallway.  We did purchase the bamboo blinds since moving in.  They are from Home Depot, and you can read more about them here.  You can also read the post about how we hung our curtains here.  I really like the way they look.  I am currently deciding if I want to keep the red curtains or buy something more neutral to hang.  What do you think?  I would love to add trim to these windows someday. 


Here is a little peak into our master bathroom.  It is on the agenda for an update this summer.  Hopefully there will be some exciting things happening in there!  You can click here and here to see more of my master bathroom.  Why yes, those are braziers hanging on the hook in there, oops!


I bought the milk glass boot on a trip to Harpers Ferry.  I purchased the little wicker tray a couple of weeks ago at Goodwill.  The red Bible was given to me by my Granny.  She gave it to my mother many years ago. 



The magazine basket on the floor next to the nightstand is from Pier One.  LC has it stuffed full of books and magazines.  I am not supposed to touch anything in it. 


This chest at the foot of my bed was a graduation gift to me.  I hate to part with it because it provides much needed storage, but I would love to have a new bench here.  Maybe this will end up in the attic one day?  It needs reupholstered. 


And that is our Master bedroom!  It is amazing how new bedding can change the whole look of the room!  Here are a couple of shots of the old bedding, just in case you are curious.  when I look at it now, I cringe.  All of that animal print is now in storage in the attic.  I might just use the fabric for something else someday.  So, I decided to keep it. 



Thanks for stopping by today!  I am really hoping for  a warmer week this week.  I have a mantel sitting in my garage that I need to work on, and have not done it because it is so cold in there.  I would really like to get it hung in the living room before spring.  And speaking of our living room, I recently made a huge change in there too.  I will be sharing it soon!  I am in love with it!