Thursday, February 27, 2014

10 Ways to Use Throws in Your Bedroom Decor

Today I have invited a special guest to Sweet Parrish place to write a guest post.  Please welcome Kathy Joe, with some great ideas for how to use throws in your bedroom to amp up the coziness factor.  I thought this would be a cool way to kick start the weekend.   Enjoy!

Hi All! I am Kathy Joe with an obsession to do home decor !! I believe the world becomes a much better place with creativity. For more of my work, I would welcome you all to stop by here. 

10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Warm and Fuzzy Using Throws!
Everyone loves a cosy, inviting bedroom but you may feel that achieving one requires too much time or money. In fact, all you need is careful planning and judicious thought before purchasing bedding and throws and, soon, you too can have the cosy bedroom of your dreams! 

Plush Elements
When purchasing bedding, do choose the best quality that you can afford and look out for discounts, money off offers and other good deals. Imagine being able to pay the same for top-quality luxury bedding as you do for cheaper products? It is possible, as long as you watch stores for sales and special offers and take advantage of such occasions. Even if you have to pay the full price for top quality bedding, it is often well worth the extra pennies as you end up with a product that will last very well for many years, even as it adds an air of true luxury to your bedroom.

De-clutter Often
Bedrooms are often a handy place to stash bulky items and boxes of stuff waiting to be sorted out. This is all very well for a short time, but make sure that you reclaim your bedroom space promptly! Simply having plenty of room to manoeuvre in a bedroom can feel like a luxury!

Thick Rugs
Invest in a thick plush rug as a treat for your feet! Choose colours and patterns that perfectly harmonise with the bedding and throws to help to enhance the effect of your décor scheme. There is a great earthy pleasure to be had from sinking your bare feet into a gorgeous shag pile rug, and they do not have to cost a lot of money.

Winter Linen
When it is cold outside, hopping into bed can be a very unpleasant affair if the bedding is crisp and cool! Delightful in summer, but numbingly cold in winter, cotton bedding has its place in a summer bedroom only! Purchase a set or two of winter bedding and delight in the cosy comfort every night when you slide into a toasty warm bed.

Every bed should have one or two throws draped artlessly over a corner. The simple sight of a cosy and welcoming throw instantly adds a degree or two of comfort to any bedroom.

Knit Delight
Knitted throws and blankets add a wonderfully homely air to any bedroom, infusing it with love and charm. If you make the blanket yourself (or, even better, have a much loved relative make it for you) you will always associate the warmth and comfort that you receive from the blanket with the care and effort that went into making the blanket – a kind of dual blessing! For knitting patterns and exclusive designs, I always rely on Knitting Help.

539424fbf5040ccd1899fc7c7f85c744 Chunky Cable Knit Throws: Decorating Around Them

Using the same smooth fabrics and matt wallpaper or paint throughout a bedroom can give it a fairly lifeless appearance, much like a characterless hotel room. Make use of texture throughout the bedroom by adding cable-knit or embellished throws, embroidered bed linen and even brocade fabrics for the bedding and curtains. These fabrics fill the eye and give your bedroom lots of personality and charm. For fully textured and patterned throws I opt for Yorkshire Linen Co.

Faux Fur
Fur blankets and throws speak to the inner caveman in all of us! There is something simultaneously decadent and comforting about the feel of soft thick fur under our hand, but real fur is a no-no these days (the animals need it more than we do, as the advertising campaign goes!) Fortunately, modern faux fur can look and feel as good as the real thing, without any unpleasant thoughts of wearing a dead animal’s skin. To add a sumptuous and warm air to your bedroom, drape a large faux fur throw across your bed.

Throws to Curtains to Rugs
Match the rug and throws to the curtains to round out and finish off your décor scheme. If you can acquire perfectly matching products (fabric, colour and texture) so much the better, but even a match in just the colour shade will make an enormous difference to the look of the bedroom.

Go Vintage for the Nostalgia
Keep your eyes peeled when trawling through car boot sales and auctions. If you spot any vintage blankets (the kind that we all used to have before duvets took over the world!) invest in them immediately! ‘Proper’ blankets add a great warmth and charm to any bedroom, speaking of comfort and cosiness. Add a few vintage blankets to your bed and see how cosy your room becomes!


Thank you, Kathy Joe, for so many great ideas for how we can all make our bedrooms more cozy for winter.  My favorite is that gorgeous cable knit throw!  Which one is your favorite?  Please tell me in the comments below.  Have a great weekend!

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