Friday, January 31, 2014

Miss 17 Year Old’s Bedroom Design

The other day, Miss 17 Year Old was feeling inspired and she cleaned her room.  Now, this is a rare occurrence.  She came upstairs and told me to go down and take pictures while it lasted.  The Heaven’s parted, and the Angels started singing.  Well, not really, but I grabbed my camera as fast I could and zipped down to her room to capture it in all its glory.  I showed you this room almost a year ago, but since then there have been some changes, so I thought I would share it again.  She painted all of the walls and trim before we moved in.  This entire room is all things she chose on her own.  I gave her free reign over her bedroom design. I would call it a bohemian teenage girl bedroom, what do you think?

Her bedroom is in the downstairs part of our split level home.  The carpet is not my favorite but it was here when we moved in.  These shelves are simple white shelves from Lowe’s.  She has a space heater on her dresser because it is really cold downstairs.  The top shelf has the precious moments that her grandma bought her every year from the time she was very little, and the bottom shelf has the record player she got for her birthday last spring and her album collection.  The storage unit to the left of the mannequin are new.  Her grandmother bought them for her.  It gave her a couple of extra drawers and some more shoe storage. 


She ordered her bedding from Urban Outfitters.  The throw pillows and teal blanket are from Home Goods. 

The teal cube opens up for storage, which she needs, and she keeps out of season scarves in it.   The collage to the left of the bed are pictures of her and her friends.  And the cross above was made by her at a Pottery painting studio.   


The last time I showed you her bedroom, this makeup table was white and dingy.  She painted it last spring break this Tiffany blue color.  The drawers were a Christmas gift from us this year, and it houses her makeup collection.  Yes, she tells me that people collect makeup.  If you are interested in these ombre drawers, here is where we ordered them.   She purchased all of the metallic jars to hold her makeup brushes.  The mirror on her makeup table if from Target. 


I am surprised the mannequin is naked!  She usually has some creation of hers dressing it.  She is about to be a fashion design and merchandising major.  Would you have guessed?  That major fits her to a Tee!  She is always buying thrift store clothing and changing it up.  Her friends seem to go crazy for the things she makes. Her curtains do not go down to the floor, because she didn't want them to.  It bothers me.  


All of the various things taped on the wall and on her closet door are things that are meaningful to her.  The bag hanging on the door knob is a vintage Etienne Aigner bag that she thrifted. 


Why yes!  The jumbled mess of cords behind her TV have been like that since I last showed you the room.  Sorry, but I have bigger fish to fry!


Her scarf organization is still holding strong.  I showed you how I did that here


These little drawers used to be pink and brown, and during all of our recent snow days, she painted them a metallic black, and she used black craft paint for the design.  She painted a different design on each drawer. 


This is where she puts most of her jewelry and bracelets.  she does not wear that much jewelry.  The lights in the window sill are little roses.  She found them on a trip to Sugar Creek Ohio.  The Picture was a gift to all of the cast of her senior play, Godspell. 


This print was inherited from LC’s brother, and we decided to let her hang it in her room.  the champagne flutes are from my wedding to her father.  They need polished, but she likes them the way they are. 


This  pencil sketch over her bed is a portrait of her that a friend drew.  I had it framed for her last year for Christmas. 


This is looking back out into the hallway. 


This is a peek inside of one of her closets, which is underneath the stairs.  I painted this area a bright white, and my dad put in this closet organizer for her when we moved in.  It used to be just a big open space with a plywood floor.  I just painted the floor grey and put a little throw rug in there.  We had to rig up a fluorescent light to hang in there because there was no light at all.  It was a cheap and easy fix.  And now it is nice and bright.


Back behind the clothes hanging to the left is plenty or room for more storage.  She keeps things like her luggage back there. 


This is her second closet.  It houses all of her shirts. 


Well, that completes the tour of my teenage girl's bedroom.  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the her life.  It makes me sad that she will be leaving in 7 short months for college.  But I plan on keeping this room for her at least until she graduates, because you never know what might happen, and even though she is getting her own apartment (gasp!) I am sure she will be home often.  She is only going one hour away to West Virginia University.