Thursday, February 28, 2013

Family Fun- Polar Plunge, The Wow Factory, Cupcakerie

Early in February, we had a Day-O-Fun for our family.  We don’t get many chances to all be together for the day with the kids being so active in things.  We spent the day In Morgantown, first we went to the Polar Plunge, to benefit The Special Olympics, and LC and Mr. 12 Year Old jumped in the river!  Brrr!  Next we went to a gourmet cupcake shop called The Cupcakerie, and we finished off at a pottery painting store called The Wow Factory.  I think fun was had by all!  Here are some pictures of our fun filled day.
This is me and LC before the plunge

LC and Mr. 12 Year Old

Miss 16 year old and Mr. 12 year old

Mr. 5 Year Old
After I took those first pictures, something awful happened.  My camera died!  Before the Plunge!  So I had to resort to my IPhone, and I videotaped the whole thing.  Then when it was over and we went to watch the video, it was not there.  Really??  Yes REALLY!  So disappointed because it was awesome to watch!  So pardon the next pictures because they were taken on my phone. 
I love the look on his face  when he realized how cold it was! 

This is the whole WBOY-TV team that jumped in the Mon River together that day.  What troopers!

This is a shot of the Cupcakerie.  Pink cuteness all around!

Mr., 5 Year Old is a cupcake connoisseur, I tell ya!

Then it was off to the Wow Factory for some pottery painting!  Love!  Here are our blank canvases.

Someone needs a haircut!

Hard at work.

And these are our finished products. 


You might have seen a sneak peek at this plate in my post from yesterday about my Goodwill Canisters.


Miss 16 Year Old is a little artist, right?  When we went to pick them up the woman at the store raved about this one!


What have you been doing as a family lately?  Anyone painted any pottery?  I would love to see it!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wish I Had That- Funky Chandeliers

 Today on Wish I Had That, I have a beautiful variety of chandeliers to show you.  There are so many funky and colorful chandeliers I have seen online that it was hard for me to narrow them down.  I am in love with chandeliers that people have painted right now, but I also threw a few others in there that were irresistible.  I want to paint one the chandeliers in my house so bad, but so far I haven't gotten up my nerve.  I had a hard time finding the original source on a few of these, so if you happen to know the original source, shoot me a comment and I will be happy to fix it.  Are you ready for some eye candy for the ceiling?  Sit back and enjoy!

could do something similar - but paint chandelier blue/ teal

The painted chandelier could be really interesting for a DIY project if the shape was nice but the finish wasn't.

Painted Chandelier

the magic of a little spray paint: thrift store chandelier and stools

Spray paint a chandelier

Turn a boring builder's grade chandelier into a glimmering statement piece with hot glue and inexpensive Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.

Beautiful turquoise...


Pinned Image

Ceiling medallion with 'Sweet Dreams' letters glued on, and an inexpensive chandelier painted to match.  Jaime, you could always put, 'Always Kiss me Goodnight'.  Love this.

I've been looking for a pretty and cheap chandelier for a while. I'm convinced they don't exist. This pic has persuaded me to purchase one of the ugly brass chandeliers from our local thrift store and spray paint with Rust-oleum.

Could I spray paint my chandelier to give it a pop of color. I kind of likey.

Salvaged Chandelier: Before you get rid of that outdated chandelier in the dining room, grab a bottle of spray paint. The brighter the better when it comes to refurbishing lighting in your home.  #living #room #livingroom #purple #flowers #girly #glamorous #painting #interior #design #bar #room #dining #room #armchair #chair #side #table #lamp #couch #curtains #dining #paint #pink #white #yellow # Lilly #Pulizer #chandelier #Honeysuckle #pink #molding #floral

What do you think of this trend towards painted chandeliers?  Have you tried it?  Or would you be brave enough?  It is great to find a thrifted one, then you aren't losing much if it doesn't work out.  Which if these is your favorite?  I don't think I can choose a favorite today, although you know I love a pop of red!  Man I wish I had one of these Chandy's!  I hope you enjoyed the show today.  Bye now!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trashtastic Tuesday- $5 Canisters

 I have a really good addition to my trashtastic Tuesday series for you today.  New canisters!  I had grown tired of the ones I had and had been thinking I would like a set of glass ones with chalkboard lids.  But I had not been shopping for new ones.  And then one day I was in Goodwill, and Bam!  There they were!  There is a bit of a story with these but first I will show you the finished product!

So when I found these they also had an old broken down wooden holder for them, and there were tags on each one of them that said $4.99.  I thought to myself that $15 was way too much, but I put them in the buggy in hopes of talking them down, because I wanted them really bad.  I left the wooden holder on the shelf, I didn't like it and it was coming apart.  So when I get to the register and try talking them down they tell me, no the $4.99 was the price for all three!  Sold!  Here is what they looked like when I brought them home.


As you can see I taped off the rubber seal with tape, and then I just sprayed them lightly with about 4 coats of chalkboard paint that I already had on hand.  


I love the way they turned out!  BT dubs, obviously I am no pro at writing with chalk.  I need to get a chalkboard marker for these.  I have heard it doesn't come off as easily.  I also need to have my daughter write on them.  She is artsy fartsy.  


See the plate?  I made that!  I plan to talk more about it,  maybe tomorrow? 


The wrought iron rack they are sitting in is from my previous canisters.  You can see them here, in my kitchen cabinet reveal post.  I decided to keep the rack for now, even though they do not fit perfectly, I think they look fine in there.  I also kept the canisters to use in my pantry, although I have not incorporated them yet.  Right now they are sitting in a corner on the kitchen floor.  


 I love the way these turned out, and I feel like they brighten up my kitchen.  They are much more neutral, which I like because there is a lot of color going on in here.  I think I am going to add more touches of white in my kitchen as time goes on.  For some reason I am craving that color in there.  I already added some EAT letters that I painted white.  I think I might embellish them a bit though, and I have a mirror that I think I am going to paint the frame white too.  The other great thing about these canisters is that they can be very versatile and I can use them for many different things if I am tired of them in their current role.  I am guessing these will stay with me for years to come.  Not bad for $5 smackaroos, eh?

On another note, I have to mention that my son's 11-12 year old Jerry West basketball team won the championship over the weekend!  They finished the season with only 1 loss, ranked #1, and were a favorite to win the championship.  Then in their very first tournament game, they got blown out of the water, which put them in the losers bracket.  Which meant that if they lost again, they were out, and if they made it to the championship game, they had to beat the team they were playing twice in order to win.  An they pulled the whole thing off!  I could not be more proud of this whole group of boys!  I just had to throw in a picture of his team!  (My son is second from the left in the first row, in case you were wondering.)

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