Monday, December 2, 2013

Painted Stairwell- Reveal

I am so sad that Thanksgiving Break is over.  But I am so happy that I can say that my Thanksgiving Break project was a big success!  It was my goal to get the stairwell painted, and I wasn’t sure if I could actually finish it, but I did!


The reason I was skeptical about getting it completed was because some parts were very high.  Like scary high!


But luckily, our neighbor is a professional painter, and he came over and loaned us a ladder and a tool to be able to sit the ladder on, on the stairs.  LC was brave, and he did the ladder parts.  I did everything I could reach on my own. 


See the right corner and the wall to the right?  that is the part I was too afraid to do.  I could barely even watch LC do it, but I stuck by the ladder to catch him if he fell.  Ha!  Like I was catching anybody from way up there.  Whatever, it made him feel better, anyway. If you would like, you can read more about my black hand rails and my black newel posts.


I can’t call this space officially complete yet.  Because I still need to paint the trim and the risers on the stairs.  I did paint the trim in the landing already.  And the hand rail going down the stairs has been painted but needs to be reinstalled.  I also took everything out of the window sill and painted the window sill.  Then I cleaned everything and put it all back.  But I hadn’t put it all back when I took these pictures. 


I love the color.  It is the same color that I used in my downstairs hallway.  It is a little grey and a little beige.  The name of the color is called Sharky Grey from the Martha Stewart Collection, in eggshell.  . 


Pictures cannot actually convey how beat up and dirty these walls were.  They were a flat cream color when we moved in.  And having cream walls and three little pigs does not mix. 


You can see in this shot below how faded the wood floors are on the landing.  Another thing on my to do list. 


The banister going down these stairs is now black.  I will be showing you that soon. 


I can’t stop staring at the transformation.  The paint color is not a drastic change.  But the space is starting to look like a brand new space.  So much more clean and fresh. 


This whole transformation started in September when LC bought me this shoe cabinet.  I showed you my little brown paper Christmas Tree last week, in case you missed it. 


The base boards in this little right hand corner were in terrible shape.  They were separating from the wall and filthy.  They look so much better now!


I still have A LOT of painting to do.  The spindles, the risers, the baseboards going up the stairs, and the landing. 


But I am going to let it rest right like it is now, until after Christmas.  I need to decorate for Christmas and enjoy the holidays. 


And then I will get back to work.  Sound like a deal?


For now, I am satisfied just sitting on the top step and gazing at my masterpiece. 


Here is a progress picture starting right after we moved into the house, after painting the banister and posts, and then an after picture, which is where we are now.  

Has anyone else out there been painting a stairwell lately?  I don’t plan on doing it again for hopefully 6-7 years at least!