Friday, December 27, 2013

Finished With the Handrails- Now on to the Stairs!

I actually finished this handrail back in November, but then a Christmas explosion happened and I never got around to showing it to you.  So today is the day, because I am still suffering from whatever it is you suffer from when it is two days after Christmas and you are still putting your house back together and have no new projects going on yet. 

Here is my new black hand rail going to the downstairs of my split level home.


But before we talk any further about this area, let’s take a look back at where it all began, shall we?  This is my entry last winter.  Pretty much untouched since we had moved into the house. 


And this is a good look at what the stair rails looked like before I painted them black


This was a fairly easy project.  I had LC take the hand rail down from the wall and put it in the garage where I could paint it.  You can see where the handrail should be in the picture below.  This is after I painted the walls.  Wow!  What a job that was, let me tell you!


I used Behr premium plus paint in the color Broadway for this entire project.  I used satin paint.  I also put on a clear top coat after the black.  I cannot believe how much different this stairwell feels now!  It has a completely different look and feel.


In this picture you can see the black railing going both up and down the stairs.  You can also see the newel posts that I painted black and my new shoe cabinet.


The hardware that the hand rail was hanging on was an ugly brass, and I decided to spray paint it oil rubbed bronze so that it would just blend in with the black rails.  It took two coats of the spray paint. 


This wall looks kind of naked right  now, but I have plans for some wall art.  I have some maps I am going to be hanging going down these stairs. 


The view going down these stairs has changed so much since we moved in!  Those brown paper floors at the bottom of the stairs were my big project last summer.  I need to do a post about how they are wearing for the past 6 months.  I will put that on my agenda for 2013.


Hanging to the right is a little DIY map art that I made using a map of the city of Bridgeport, where we live, that I printed from the city website.  The mirror next to it is a Goodwill find that I spray painted gray.  It bounces around a little light and sparkle in the stairs. 


I am so happy with how this area is turning out so far.  In this picture you can see the black front door, which I also painted over the summer.  This door was purchased by the previous owners right before we moved in, and I really like it. 


I walk up and down these stairs constantly, so it feels so good that I finally feel like it reflects our design style and our family.  Next up on the to do list for this area is to paint the stair risers and spindles a fresh coat of glossy white, sand and paint the landing, and paint the base boards on each side of the stairs.

But for now, we are so enjoying this area and the transformation so far.  Since this is the entry, I feel like our home is so much more welcoming and a reflection of us.  And that is a very good feeling.  I used to be slightly embarrassed when someone came to the door, now I feel proud to open the door when someone rings the doorbell!

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