Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Review of Our 2013 Goals at Sweet Parrish Place

Yesterday, I posted a recap of some of the things, well, most of the things, we accomplished around here in 2013.  I was very happy with the progress we made.  But did I accomplish everything I set out to do at home?  Let’s take a look, shall we?  I posted my goals for 2013 back on January 2 of 2013.  I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at that list and see how we did.  I listed 13 things I wanted to accomplish, so how did I do?  Let’s go!

2013 Goals:

Goal #1:  Stencil the green wall in my dining room.  Wow, this looks really bad, but we did not accomplish our very first goal on the list!  That looks pretty bad, doesn’t it?  Well, all I can say about it is that other priorities emerged.  And I still do want to accomplish this goal in 2014.

Goal #2:  And while we are on the dining room, I want to put some shelving, on the walls over my desk.  This is embarrassing.  We didn’t finish this goal either!  But we did purchase the shelving and brackets earlier in December, and as soon as our Christmas décor is gone we will be hanging them.  So I am going to count this one as half finished!  I will be sharing the finished results when they are hung!

Goal #3:  Still on the dining room, after I stencil that green wall, I want to hang some artwork, kind of like a gallery wall of artwork.  Check this one off the list!  Done!  See the dining room here.

Goal #4:  I want to rip up the carpet and linoleum in my downstairs hallway and bathroom and replace the flooring.  This one is finished! I laid brown paper floors.  See the floors here. I am planning to do an update post about how these are holding up soon. 

Goal #5:  I want to paint my stair rail black.  Done! I just finished these in the fall.  You can see them here.

Goal #6:  Paint the interior front and back doors black, I might paint the doors in the hallway too.  I was able to paint the front door and the kitchen door.  I have not gotten around to other doors, but want to, because I love the black!

Goal #7:  Paint kitchen backsplash to mimic subway tiles. This one is complete!  And it looks fabulous if I do say so myself!  See it here

Goal #8:  Paint walls and ceiling in living room and hallway/foyer/stairwell.  This is 1/2 of the way done.  I completed the stairwell, but we have not even started on the living room yet.

Goal #9:  Paint walls in master bathroom.  We have not even thought about starting on this yet.  Unless you count the times I have soaked in the tub and dreamed of it being all painted and finished!

Goal #10:  Refinish the ugly green dresser in my master bedroom. Another big fail here.  I still need to do this, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. 

Goal 11:  Stain the back deck. We completed this, and I even can one up this goal!  I painted a checkerboard pattern on the upper deck.

Goal 12:  Hang Curtains and blinds in kitchen and living room.  This is another goal that I consider half done.  I did hang café curtains in the kitchen, but have not done anything with the living room windows yet.  However, I did purchase drapes at Marshall’s over the weekend for the living room.  Now I just have to hang them. 

Goal #13:  Install a mantel over the fireplace. This is not completed, but good news!  LC bought me a beautiful mantel that he had made from an old wagon barn beam, and it is sitting in the garage waiting to be finished and hung as we speak. 
All in all, I don’t think I did too bad.  I completed 6 of these goals completely, and I am 1/2 finished on 4 of the goals.  2013 was the first time I had set any goals for myself on my blog, and I am happy I did because I learned a lot over the past year.  One thing I learned is the   importance of setting goals in the first place.  It really did help to keep me motivated. 

One very big perspective that I have gained in regards to our home over the past year is to look at it in phases.  I learned this mind set from reading so many other blogs and I would see people break down their home goals into phases.  This was an eye opener for me, and it has helped me to to look at my goals for this house differently. 

We have lived in this house for 1 1/2 years, and I definitely consider this house to still be in phase one.  There are major things that still need done.  A big one is painting of every room.  So I am starting to set up goals for my house in phases. 

I would consider phase one of my kitchen to be completed.  It is not completely finished, but the main components are finished, and the other work to be done in there will be phase two, for example my kitchen island needs to have a cabinet repaired and then the entire thing needs painted.  My entryway phase one is also complete, and I will be working on phase two in 2014, things like painting the risers and the baseboards.  My downstairs hallway phase one is complete, and there is more work for phase two, like painting the doors and staining some trim.  My master bedroom is complete for phase one as well, but there will be things that need completed for phase two, like painting some furniture and replacing the bedding. 

So I am currently working on a list of goals for 2014, and you are going to hear me referring to the work that needs to be done around here in terms of phase one and phase two a lot more often, because it helps me to keep things in perspective.  I will be sharing my 2014 goals before the end of the week, so please come back and join me.  See what is in store around Sweet Parrish Place for 2014! 

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve tonight, and ring in 2014 in style!

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