Friday, November 22, 2013

Wish I Had That- Swedish Design

For those of you who do not know me, I consider myself to be Swedish.  My Pap Pap was 100% Swedish, and my whole family embraced their Swedish heritage.  

So, we were raised as Swedes.  I am technically only 1/4 Swedish, but that is the heritage that I embrace as my own. 

And that is the reason that I wanted to host a foreign exchange student from Sweden.  Sadly, my Pap Pap is no longer with us.  But I wanted my children to embrace their Swedish heritage the way that I always have.  We are Swedes, and we are proud of it! 

Alvhem Brokerage and Interiors | For us it's a way of life to find homes.

Having Josefine live with us has been one of the best experiences of my entire life.  And I know that my children would agree.  I cannot begin to tell you the joy I feel every day that I have been so lucky in my life to have had this connection with this Swedish girl.  And it is not just because she is from Sweden, but because she is just a wonderful person as well.  But I have learned so much about Sweden that I did not know, and could never know unless I were living with a Swedish person.  

Recently, for obvious reasons by now, I have become enamoured with the Swedish design style.  I am just in love with it, honestly!  I could sit and look at pictures of Swedish homes All.  Day.  Long.  

Alvhem Brokerage and Interiors | For us it's a way of life to find homes.

Everything just seems so light and airy, and organic.  It really is beautiful.

The way Josefine tells it, there is not a lot of sun light in Sweden.  And everybody craves the sunshine.  And I think their homes reflect that.  

She also tells me that they just like a simple way of life, and for things to be natural, no fussiness.  I can see this when I look at the pictures.  

Alvhem Brokerage and Interiors | For us it's a way of life to find homes.

I created a secret Pinterest Board that I have been slowly adding to called Swedish Style.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you today.

Alvhem Brokerage and Interiors | For us it's a way of life to find homes.

I found this amazing Swedish real estate site that I cannot get enough of.  Seriously.  

I found this site through a blog that I just happened to stumble across one day.  I wish I could remember the name of the blog so that I could share it with you too.  

But I am telling you now, if you visit the site, be prepared to spend hours there, because if you like Swedish style as much as I do, you will not be able to remove yourself from your computer.  

The Website is called Alvhem Makleri & Interior.  It is a Swedish site, so obviosuly it is in Swedish, but you can use Google Translate to read it in English.   

Alvhem Brokerage and Interiors | For us it's a way of life to find homes.

This site is not a blog, it is a listing of homes for sale. But the pictures are terrific!  I just have to say, look at the use of hats as hanging pendants below.  Genius!!!  

And the great thing about it, is it is constantly changing based on what is on the market for sale.

If you look on the site, Notice that everything you look at is so pretty. This is not a design website, it is just homes for sale.   If I look on a real estate site in my area, that is certainly not the case!  Does everyone in Sweden live among such beauty?  I wonder...

It is on my bucket list  to visit there.  Actually I would love to actually spend some time there.  Longer than just a vacation.  


Maybe one day it will happen.  Until then, I have my secret Pinterest Board, and my Swedish blogs, and my new favorite website to visit.  And dream, and drool.  And just because I like you so much, I made my Pinterest Board public, so you can enjoy it now too!  You're welcome!

I can't imagine my home being this light, and airy, and clean, and uncluttered looking.  Not with three kids. And all of that white?  They would have it filthy in two seconds flat.  But hey, a girl can dream, right?

I would love for you to head on over and follow my board, I will be adding more to it, as if there isn't already enough eye candy already there.  Swedish Design.  Boy oh boy, I wish I had that!

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