Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trashtastic Tuesday- Plans for a Wall Collage

Welcome to Trashtastic Tuesday!  This is a little series that I try to contribute to at least twice per month.  I usually take some thrifty or vintage find and transform it so that I can use it in my own house.  Or sometimes, If I don’t have a current finished project, I put together a collection of Trashtastic things I have seen online. 

Today, I don’t have a finished project, but I do have plans in the works to use some items I have collected over the past couple of months in my living room.  I want to create a gallery wall.  BTW, I love myself a gallery wall.  This is a trend that I completely embrace.  It is so me!  And every time I see one done well, my heart beats a little faster. 

Let me show you some of my recent finds. 

 Ta-da!  Here is everything in one shot.  I have intentions of completely changing the tray.  But first I have to decide what room is going to be it’s home.  And I bought this canvas for $1.50 at Goodwill.  I want to do something with it, but haven’t decided what yet.  

I bought this print at Goodwill for $1!  I think it is a copy of an expensive piece of artwork, called Paris Street on a Rainy Day.  The name of the artist is Caillebotte.  Have any of you heard of this?  I am not going to lie, I do not know my art.  I am classy like that.  But it was still in the plastic cover, and I liked the colors and the scene. 


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this “M” before, because I posted it a couple of weeks ago.  And if you are not following me on Instagram, whatcha waiting for??

LC bought this for me at an antique store in Charleston, SC when he was there for a weather conference.  He called me and told me they had some letters I would like, but they only had certain letters.  From the choices, I chose M because my two oldest children’s last name starts with M. 


I bought these glasses for .25 cents each.  I also bought some tall ones, but they are already being used in my cabinet.  I swear, after finding so many good drinking glasses at Goodwill, and at the rate at which my family breaks them, I don’t think I will ever purchase drinking glasses anywhere else!


And this old rusty piece of tin is another item LC brought me from Charleston.  The owner of the shop just gave it to him for free.  And I heart it!  Only thing is, it is really dirty, and I feel the need to clean it, but I don’t want to alter the finish on it.  Any suggestions?


I found this frame in my stash.  I intended on painting it or something, but I am kind of digging the wood with the rust on the letter M and the rusted tin.  What do you think?


So I have had these embroidery hoops sitting here with this fabric in them for almost a year now, and have done nothing with them, but I am thinking I like all of these things together!  I am thinking I have the good beginnings for a fantastic wall.  It is going to be the wall where our flat screen is hanging.  I would like to surround the TV with a gallery wall, sort of like this or this


Well, what do you think of my idea?  I think it sounds super trashtastic! 

Am I getting ahead of myself?  The living room walls need painted, so does the ceiling.  The flat screen needs moved up a good 6 inches.  And those are just a couple of the long list of things to do in my living room, but I have been living with it in complete limbo for far too long.  I need some pretty in there and quick! 
If you would like to see my other Trashtastic Tuesday projects, please click here.  I hope you find something you like!

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