Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome to my What I Wore Wednesday.  I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy as I always do to inspire and be inspired to put a little creativity into what I am wearing. 

I don’t have an awful lot to show you today as far as what I wore last week.  I spent most of the weekend at home because I wasn’t feeling well.  This week marks the last week of cross country for Mr. 13 year old, and Miss 17 Year Old’s senior play is this weekend.  So my schedule is soon to be much less busy.  Yay!  Let’s get on it with it, shall we?

I wore this to parent teacher conferences.  Let’s focus on the good hair day rather than my gut, mmkay?  You have seen this skirt before, styled in a different way.


Denim Jacket- Gap
White Shirt- Gap
Maxi Skirt- Burlington Coat Factory
Flats- Nine West 

Just a couple more work outfits for you.  You have seen this flowered tunic tank here before as well.  Long loose shirts are what I love.  I would wear one every single day if I could!  No gut in this shirt, see what I mean?


Cardi- Old Navy
Grey Pants- Gap
Shoes- Toms
Flowered tunic- Buckle


I was inspired by an outfit I pinned, and put this outfit together.  The outfit I pinned looks nothing like this one, but it was the basic concept of dressing up a sleeveless summer dress and making it work for fall that I was going for.  I love this outfit!


Dress- Banana Republic Outlet
White shirt- Target
Scarf and belt - ?
Boots- TJ Maxx 

I bought these boots on clearance for super cheap a couple of winters ago.  They are real leather, and they are as smooth as butter, seriously.  They are Cole Haan.  I think I paid like $19 bucks for them?  Something like that, but I love them and sometimes we cuddle. 


Here is the pinterest outfit that inspired the above outfit, just in case you are curious. 

Fall Fashion

See!  Nothing alike, but this picture did give me the idea for my outfit!  Interesting, right?  I showed you this outfit recently as one of my favorite pinterest pins for September