Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I am on my way to a soccer game as I write this, so I am keeping it simple.  This is my weekly What I Wore post, and I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy again this week!

I went shopping for fall on September 26.  I am happy to report that I stayed on budget by spending around $200.  I tried to stick with items that were staples, and that I knew I would wear over and over for years.  You will be seeing my new items as I wear them, but the first one I have to show you is this amazing red skirt (on clearance for $15).  I am in love with it!  The shape of this skirt is a shape that I gravitate to in a skirt, and this one in particular is ultra comfortable and I felt great in it!  I love the high waist it has.


Red skirt- American Apparel
Denim Jacket- Ralph Lauren via Marshall’s
striped blouse- The Limited
Red peep toes- Goodwill

Casual Friday, I wore this to work and to my husband’s television station to a retirement send off for his evening news anchor and dear friend.  Can you guess where I am standing in this picture?  Sorry it is blurry.  LC can never seem to take a clear picture!  I stepped out to go to the restroom and the guys in production came out and asked LC if I was the new morning news anchor, LOL!  Yeah right, me delivering the news.  Obviously they have never talked to me!


White blazer- Guess Outlet
polka dot skinny jeans- The Limited
Grey tunic- JCrew outlet
White sneakers- Buckle

Can you see the 5 pounds I have gained?  I can’t seem to stop eating lately.  It’s a problem.  I love these red jeans!  You can see them styled in a different way here.


Red jeans- Urban Outfitters
Denim jacket- Gap
White T shirt- Hanes
Peep toe shoes- Urban Outfitters

My daughter has all of these really cute clothes that she never wears, because she completely changed her fashion style.  So I have been dipping into her closet lately.  This white ruffled cardi is hers.This skirt is a similar cut to the red skirt above.  Again, I like this cut on myself. 


cardigan- Abercrombie
Navy ruffle shirt- Loft
Flowered Skirt- Goodwill
Red peep toes- Franco Sarto- Goodwill