Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Senior Homecoming

Welcome to my What I Wore Wednesday post for the week!  I have been working  a little every weekend to get my wardrobe changed over from summer to winter, and to purge while I am at it.  What a chore! 

The best part about today’s post though is not what I have been wearing.  Today I am going to share some pictures from Miss 17 Year Old’s senior homecoming.  I love to stalk everyone’s FB and instagram pages too see what everyone wore the the dances, so I thought it would be fun to show you a glimpse of what my daughter, Josefine, and her friend’s wore.  So let’s start there, shall we?  In case you don’t recognize her, this is Miss 17 Year Old, and I am not afraid to say, the most beautiful girl in her high school, inside and out.  At least I think so, of course!


Miss 17 Year Old definitely has a style all her own!  This year she chose a vintage gown from the 1930’s to wear to her senior homecoming. The tailor who fitted her dress told us that she thought it had been hand made.

Here is a glimpse of the back of the gown.  We purchased this gown for $150 at a consignment shop in Destin,  FL.  The name of the shop was Brocante Consignments and Antiques.  The store was absolutely to die for.  And what a steal we thought it was at $150.  We would have paid at least double that for a brand new gown.  And it would not have been nearly as unique and one of a kind as this!


This is Miss 17 Year Old and our Swedish daughter, Josefine.  She was so excited to buy her homecoming dress in America!

The skirt was originally a lot poofier, but she had them take some of the lining out. 

This is she and her date.  I think he was a very lucky guy!  She is gorgeous!

This is Miss 17 Year Old with her two brothers. 

And Mr. 5 Year Old is her biggest fan, can you tell?

This is her date, and also her best male friend. 
 I love this picture.

This is the whole family. 

And now for some pictures of their girlfriends, and what they wore.  All so different, yet beautiful!

This is her BFF.


This girlfriends was one of the senior homecoming princesses.


So pretty.  It makes me wish I were young again, you?


 Do you remember me mentioning that my daughter’s high school elected a special lady as homecoming queen?  Well, I want to show you the girl Bridgeport High School proudly elected homecoming queen this year.

Homecoming is such a special time, especially when you are a senior.  And this year, my daughter’s high school did something very special.  They elected this young lady, Megan Krohe as their homecoming queen!

© Photo by Ben Queen/

Can’t you just see the pride written all over the face of her father who escorted her that night?

© Photo by Ben Queen/

The look on her face when she realized she was the 2013 homecoming queen is priceless!

© Photo by Ben Queen/

The expression on the face of last year’s homecoming queen as she was crowning Megan says it all.  The feelings conveyed on her face were the feeling of the entire football stadium that night.  There was not an empty seat or a dry eye in the house at that moment. 

© Photo by Ben Queen/

I have to say, I have never been more proud to be a Bridgeport Indian.  Those students voted for this amazing girl to be homecoming queen!  And they were more than happy to do so.  That really says a lot about the character of the students who voted, don’t you think?    They gave Megan a gift of happiness in her heart that night.  What better gift is there?  You could not find a student in that school more deserving of the title “homecoming queen” than Megan Krohe.   Moments like this restore my faith in humanity.  And in today's world, those moments are too few and far between.

I hope you enjoyed my special edition of WIWW this week.  I will be back next week to show you what I have been wearing, and hopefully I can give you two weeks for the price of one! 

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