Friday, October 11, 2013

My Batty Fall Living Room

I decorated my living room for fall a few weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten around to showing it to you!  Today is better late than never, no?  I spent less than $30 on my décor, because I basically got down my fall decorations from the attic and used what I had.  The only new things I added were my DIY Sunflower arrangement, (which I spent around $25 to put together) and I made the bats using some scrapbook paper I already had. 

My fall décor is fairly simple.  I don’t really decorate much for Halloween.  I only have a few Halloween decorations.  The rest goes up for fall and stays until Thanksgiving. 

My favorite part is actually the bats, and I spent way more time cutting them out than money, which was zero.  I simply googled “bat templates” and searched until I found a template that I liked.  I printed out a template that had bats in three different sizes.  After I cut out the templates, I traced several of them onto the black paper using a silver sharpie, and then I cut them all out while watching television. 


After I started cutting them I decided to let the silver marker show, I kind of like them outlined in the silver.  Then, when they were all cut out I folded them in half and used a tiny piece of tape to place them on the wall the way I wanted them.  The witch on the side table is something that Mr. 5 year old loves.  And he insisted that it be placed right in that spot!  It lights up so he loves to look at it.  You can also see here where my vintage suitcase ended up for the time being.

Update:  click here to see my new rustic barn beam mantle!


I even taped a couple of them to the art.  I am not liking the little cat tails in the big vase.  That needs to change. 

These bats were a huge hit with the kids.  Might I add at this juncture that my lack of a mantel over my fireplace is very depressing.  This whole corner is on my to do list.  this is how it was when we moved in, and eventually it will have a mantel and a fireplace surround.  Stay tuned for that!

I quite like my art that we bought at Target a few years ago.  I love the colors, and the glass vases hanging on either side were purchased from Pottery Barn.  I filled them with colorful fake leaves for fall and topped them with these little decorative balls. 


This is our media center, obviously!  A basket full of wooden eggs, a wooden leaf that I used under a candle, I love my white ceramic pumpkin, and some family photos.  I love Mr. 5 Year old with the little mini pumpkins!
I guess I should have turned off the TV, but I’m just not that smart.  Can you guess what I was watching at the time?

You can see more about my painted mason jar here.

All of these are things I already had.


My fall sofa table.  You can catch a glimpse of my fall buffet table in the dining room to your right, and my painted subway tile backsplash to your left.  You can also see my painted kitchen cabinets.


I bought the painting that is propped up in the back at Goodwill.


LC and Mr. 13 Year Old think it is ugly, but I thought it had a fall vibe and it was like a quarter.  Oh well, can’t please everybody every time. 

I gathered some acorns leaves, and  branches last weekend, but have not had a chance to display them anywhere yet.  I am thinking of putting the branches in the big vase to the left of the fireplace in the pictures above. 

I’ll be back next week with the last of my fall décor to show you. 
This weekend I am hoping to get some work done on starting to paint my banister’s black.  I’ll show you that progress soon too. 

The end of fall sports is in sight my friends!  I might actually have time to get some things marked off my list before the end of the year!