Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I have been not so good in the past couple of weeks at taking pictures of my daily outfits.  I don’t know what is wrong with me, I keep forgetting.  Last week, I had nothing to show you, so I did not do a WIWW post at all.  This week, I squeezed out a few outfits to show you.  And I apologize ahead of time for the blurry pictures.  But that is kind how my life feels right now.  Blurry!  I have been really busy since cross country and soccer season have begun, and there will be no end in sight until after the season’s end.  But anyhoo, here is a little of what I have been wearing lately. 

This was a typical work day.  I love this white linen skirt with the black detail around the bottom, so I wanted to wear it before fall started.  Honestly, I can’t remember where I bought the top or the bottoms.  But my mom gave me those sandals.  They were brand new, she never wore them!


These pink pants are a new purchase, on clearance at Gap for $11!  Awesome deal, right?
Pants- Gap
Brown beaded shirt- old
animal print cardi- Loft
flats- can’t remember
This was casual Friday, and I wore a school shirt for the school where I work that day.  Stylish right?  I love my red Tom’s!  I got them for my birthday last year, and I find so many outfits to wear them with.  Plus they are super comfy.
I wore this dress to work on Monday, and forgot to take a picture.  So I put it back on, sans most of the accessories, because I love it and wanted you to see it.
maxi dress- Target
I believe you have seen both the pants and the shirt styled with different outfits at some point.  Here is where I wore the shirt, and here is where I wore the pants.  Go check out the other outfits I wore them with and you will see just how different an item from your own closet can look when styled completely differently. 
Well, that is a wrap for WIWW this week!  Which outfit is your favorite?  And who is ready for fall shopping?  I am I am!  However, I have promised myself to stick to a very tight budget this fall.  Max $200.  And one thing I have promised myself to purchase is something casual to wear when I run errands or just stay at home and go for a walk.  I don’t have enough cute stuff like that to wear.  As I have mentioned previously, I have way too many clothes, so I am going to try my best to minimize what I buy and find creative ways to style what I already own this year, and still look fashionable.  Think I can do it?

On a side note, today is my birthday!  Yep that's right!  Anyone wanna guess my age?  I am afraid to read the answers.  I'll give you a little hint.  I am at that age where celebrating a birthday just doesn't feel all that much like something to celebrate anymore.  I am one more year older today.  I have one less year left on this earth.  I just want to stop time, turn back the clock, and be young forever.  Getting older is scary.  I may have already been on this earth for the half of the time allotted to me.  The thought of getting older makes me sick to my stomach!  Anyone else share my feelings on aging?  Sometimes it freaks me out to think about it.  I have to stop myself. 

You know what I would really love for my birthday?  To sleep in, in a house that is totally empty.  And I mean really sleep in people, like till 11:00.  Wake up, do absolutely nothing, maybe color my hair.  Definitely NOT go to work, and have no obligations or things to do all day long. 

And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that NONE of that is happening for me today.  It is business as usual around here. 

Oh well.  The bright side is that LC is taking me to see Whoopi Goldberg on Friday evening, for a late birthday gift, and I am so psyched about it!  Date night with LC, and Whoopi Goldberg all wrapped up into one!  Should be fun, I'll tell you all about it next week

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