Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trashtastic Tuesday- A 79 Cent Shelf

I found this cute little wicker shelf  while back at Goodwill.  At the time, it was kind of dirty, and I bought it for like a buck or something, thinking I could paint it and use it for something.  I had kind of been looking out for a shelf I could hang on this wall in  my bathroom.  And after I brought it home I started thinking it would be perfect for that spot. 

So, I started thinking about what color I should paint it.  Or maybe I should try staining it.  But I just couldn't settle on a color.  My bathroom is another room in my house that is due for an overhaul.  And I am not really sure what my plans are going to be for that room yet. 


So, the little shelf sat in my garage all summer.  And it was hot out there.  And lonely.  I thought about it a lot, but I couldn't make a decision.  So last weekend, I decided to clean it up and then think about it some more.  I scrubbed it down good, and all of a sudden it came to me!  I didn't need to paint it or stain it at all!  Why not just leave it as is, au naturale?  So that is what I decided to do.  I thought the natural look of the shelf would go just fine for now with what I have already going on in the bathroom.  So I had LC hang it for me, and he made sure to anchor it with drywall screws.  


The next thing to do was to put stuff on it!  I had a drawer in my vanity with washcloths and hand towels that I already knew would be hanging out on the shelf.  So first things first, I rolled them up and put them where I wanted them.  And I also gained an empty drawer in the process.  And that is a hot commodity around here!  My washcloths are various cream, tan and white colors, and I just used what I had.  Can you guess what the cute little crocheted fabric is hanging from the rod?  Ok, I'll tell you, it is a valance that used to hang in my kitchen window.  And a little handkerchief from my wedding.  


I am not completely thrilled with the way this shelf is styled, but I just used what I had around the bathroom.  I will probably change it when I find some things I think will look nice up there.  See the little black container filled with bath sponges?  It is actually a shelf that hangs on the wall.  I also bought it at Goodwill and had not put it to use yet.  If you look closely, you can see two holes in the wall to the left of the shelf where I removed a hand towel holder that just did not belong there.  No biggie, these walls need painted.  

I really like the way the shelf looks hanging in my little bathtub nook.  I think it goes nicely with the decor on the opposite wall.  You can see more about where I got the bamboo blinds for this window here.  I love them!

I really like my bathtub area.  I take a lot of baths, and I really enjoy being in this spot.  You can see more about the jar on the side of my bathtub here.  

And just in case you were wondering, I bought this little basket at Thirty-One recently.  I have been using it to place small pieces of dirty laundry in.  When it is full, I transfer them to the larger hamper in our hallway.