Monday, September 23, 2013

My Fall Buffet- And Some Good News To Share!

In my old house, my favorite place to decorate for the seasons was my fireplace mantel. 

But, I don’t have a fireplace mantel, this is what I have instead.  It’s not pretty.  I have big plans to change all of that, but not a big budget, so it is sitting there waiting. 

In the meantime, My buffet in my dining room/office has become my new favorite place to decorate for the seasons.  I decorated it for fall a couple of weeks ago, and I just haven’t gotten around to showing it to you yet.  So, here it is, and I only spent about $2.99.  Can you guess what I spent it on?


This buffet was dressed up for fall with mostly things I already had, and some things were already here. 


The felt leafs spread across the buffet were on my dining table last year. 


The blueberry wreath was placed there in the spring.  I am debating about whether I should take it down for fall.  It will come down eventually.  You can see my spring buffet here.  And just in case you noticed (it’s kinda hard not to), that is my reflection in the mirror.  That is my fall decorating outfit.  Stay tuned to see more of it on WIWW next week, ha!


This buffet is an antique that has been living with me since 1992.  I used to also own the matching dining table, chairs, and hutch.  But my stupid young self got rid of those things.  And today, I kick myself for that repeatedly.  I often debate with myself about painting and waxing it.  What do you think?


This little green apple you have probably seen before too.  It holds a tea light.  I bought it in 1999. 


I used to artificial fall leaves and some twine to dress up my pillar candle for fall.  I might use a real leave once they change colors here. 


This little yellow pitcher is what I spent $2.99 on, at Goodwill.  It still had tags on it from Marshall’s.  I thought it would make a great little vase, but it also looks cute with my fall d├ęcor.  These little sprigs were part of my DIY burlap wreath last fall, but I decorated it differently for this fall, so I just stuck these in there to see how they looked, and I like them, so they stayed.  I’ll show you my burlap wreath for this fall soon. 


These little pumpkins have been with me for several years too. 



My cork holder and my green mercury glass tea light holders have stuck around for a while now.  I can’t help it, I love them and hate putting them away. 


On a completely different note, I have some really good news to share!  I have a feeling only my regular followers have made it down this far in my post.  And if you are a first timer here, congratulations for making it way down here after my picture overload! 

I have been invited to be a contributing writer to a new blog called JOYful Home And Life! Imagine my surprise one day when I received an email from Jessica saying that she thought I was a great writer, and asking me to be a contributor!  We exchanged a few emails back and forth and I really liked her concept for the blog that she wanted to create.  So I quickly agreed to be a regular contributor. 

This site is a family and Christian based site  that families can go to and find a variety of topics, including: recipes, articles on faith, and even ideas to decorate their home or last minute ideas for planning a birthday party! I am really excited about this new venture.  The site is going to be launching on September 30th, which is coming up before you know it. 

You can go to the site right now to read more about it, and to find out who the other contributor’s are.  There is also a Facebook page that I would love it you would pop over to and “like”. 

As for Sweet Parrish Place, thing will be the same over here, this is just a little something extra that I will be doing once a month or so.  I will be writing as part of their Do It Yourself Team.  I still can’t get over how flattered I am that I have been asked to be a part of this, or that anyone thinks I have something good to contribute!  Seriously people, I am shocked!  But it is a very happy shock!

You can see my profile on the page by clicking here.  I truly hope that you will visit the new site and that you will follow along.  You will be seeing more about it in the future, and when I post something I will surely be telling you and giving you the links to what I contribute! 

Wish me luck!

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