Friday, September 13, 2013

A Look Back At August

I have never done a monthly post in which I review what has been going on around my blog.  but I always enjoy reading the reviews of the blogs I follow.  I have meaning to start one for Sweet Parrish Place for some time now.  Today, I decided it was the day to get going with it.  So welcome to my first month in review, August.  This is what has been going on around here:
I showed you my friend Johnna’s pretty front stoop.

I showed you a great collection of porch swings, because I totally wish I had one.
southernhopsitality blog - porch swing
I showed you my newly painted black front door.
I gave an old bamboo stand a much needed makeover.
I linked up to The Pleated Poppy here, here, here and here and showed you what I have been wearing.
I showed you some snippets of our family vacation.
Then I gave you some tips on how to maximize the space in your case.
I introduced you to our Swedish daughter.
I showed you the new rug I put in our downstairs hallway.
I painted a bushel basket, and showed you the progress in our laundry closet.
I gave you a look at our entry staircase from both views.
I found a great vintage slide projector.
And last but not least, I showed you some of my favorite things I have been pinning lately.
Rug, wall color, sideboard, dining table, floor...perfect
Ya know something?  I didn’t do too bad!  When I look back at things this way, I got a lot more accomplished than I thought I did.  I am kinda liking this whole month in review thing.  I think I might try it again for September!

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