Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday- Back To School

In the past week, school has started for all of the kids around here.  So today, in addition to showing you some of my own outfits, I will be showing you what the kids wore on their first day back to school.  Fun, right?  Who doesn’t take that back to school picture every single year?

LC shot this picture of Mr. 5 Year Old and I when we were getting ready to take him to his first day of kindergarten, and I love this picture!  It says it all, all of the emotions I was feeling about my baby growing up are right here in this picture, and I will cherish it forever.


This is what I wore when we took him for his first day.  Of course I went straight to work after that.  My boss was kind enough to let me come in a just a little.  I am sure he knew that this lady would have been miserable all day if I didn’t get to see him walk in that door this morning!

This is a better look at what Mr. 5 Year Old wore for his first day.  And take a close look at his smile.  He lost his first tooth already!  I can’t take it!


And this is what the other three children wore on their first day back last week.  This was Josefine’s first day in an American school, and it was Delaney’s first day of her senior year. All of the senior girls got together and made T-shirts for their first day of school. Hence, the black T-shirts with the bright writing.  And it was Mr. 13 year Old's first day of his last year as a middle school student.  I can’t believe how he has grown since that first day of middle school.  And BTW, for him, it is all about the shoes!


This was what I wore for the first day of school for the students where I work. 

Cream Sweater- The Limited

Would you believe I paid $3.99 for this Banana Republic strapless dress at Goodwill?  But I took it to be taken in a tad, and when I picked it up the bill was over $30!  I about died!  I would have never taken it there if I would have known.  Next time I will ask first!


Ankle jeans- The Limited
Flowered shirt- The Limited
Brown cardigan- My daughter’s