Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pretty Outdoor Area

 After being on vacation since July 19, we finally made our way home yesterday!  We had a fabulous trip and I will be sharing pictures with you all soon!  We had been planning our vacation for almost a year, and we had a great time with family, but it is always good to be back home.  I spent the day yesterday unpacking and doing laundry, and now I have to return to work in 4 days!  Where did summer go?  So I have a lot to do to prepare to go back to work for the next 10 months, not to mention that we are going to be hosting a foreign exchange student from Sweden for a couple of months.  She arrives on August 9th, and we are over the moon excited to meet her!

Who knows when I am going to get back around to working on any projects around here, but for now I wanted to show you one of my girlfriend's pretty outdoor areas.  I was at her house recently for a Pampered chef party, and I wanted to get some shots of her lovely deck area as well, but there were so many people outside that it didn't work out.  This is the front of her home, and I just think it is so pretty every summer.  Enjoy!

She always has so many pretty plants in containers.  I am so jealous at how her plants are always thriving while mine are withering and dying!


And the landscaping is so well maintained.


She just has a small front stoop, but she makes the most of it.  It is so inviting when you walk to her front door. 


I just want to sit down and stay awhile every time I go to her home.  


I will be back tomorrow to show you a variety of porch swings.  I have always wanted a porch swing, and before I left for vacation I found some awesome ones to show you!