Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What We Have Changed In One Year

As of June 30th, we have been living here for one year.  The past year has flown by, and although we have been very busy around here making this home ours, we still have much work to do!  In case you are new around here, we moved here because we wanted to be in a more convenient location, closer to the children’s schools and many other conveniences.  We moved from a new home that I had built in 2003 to a split level home that was built in 1996.  This home is smaller than our old home, and has less storage.  We did gain one bathroom, and the number of bedrooms is the same, but our old house had a full basement and this one does not, which is what makes it seem so much smaller to us.  We don’t really have any place to just put things.  And although we did give up a lot when we moved, I could not be happier about our decision!  My life is so much easier now, I don’t have to drive as much, I don’t spend as much on gas, and it seems so much easier to get where I want to go.  Not to mention that we moved to a great street in a great neighborhood! 

I thought it would be fun to take a look back on this past year and see how far we have come in this house of ours.  We had exactly one week after the sellers moved out of this house to get it ready to move into.  That was not nearly enough time to get all done that I dreamed of doing!

Before moving in, I painted our master bedroom.


We also hung blinds and curtains in the master bedroom and bath.


I also painted a chalkboard wall in Mr. 13 Year Old’s bedroom.


Miss 17 Year Old painted her bedroom and bathroom.  My dad also installed a new closet for her bedroom under the stairwell, which is in her bedroom.  So now she has two closets. 



I painted my dining room.

Dining Room

And I hung a gallery wall in the dining room.


I painted my kitchen cabinets.


I made DIY no sew café curtains for the kitchen.


I hand painted a backsplash to look like subway tile.

I painted my kitchen door black.


I painted a checkerboard pattern on my upper level back deck.


My dad put a new closet organizing system in our master closet.


LC power washed and sealed our back deck.

This is what our bottom deck looks like today.


We installed a new faucet in the boy’s bathroom.


I removed the carpeting from my downstairs hallway


And then I removed the linoleum from that same hallway.


This is what the hallway looked like before I started ripping it apart.


We tore out some old shrubbery and planted a pink dogwood tree, and laid new mulch.


LC power washed the front steps and stoop.


We hired someone to power wash our soffit and fascia and clean out the gutters.  They also power washed the entire house.


I painted our shutters and we hired someone to paint our front door.


In the past year I have also done lots of smaller décor related projects that you can see by visiting my DIY project page.  After sitting down to write this post and actually looking at all of the things we have done in our new home, I feel like we really have come a long way, baby! 

So what is next on our list, you ask?  Well, first and foremost, getting our paper bag floors laid in the downstairs hallway.  We have run into a slight glitch with that because when we removed the old flooring we found a leak that is coming from the furnace area right behind the laundry closet that is leaking onto the floor of the closet.  So as soon as that is fixed we can finish that project.  While I am waiting for that to be fixed, today I started taping off things to paint the interior of my front door and my stairway railings black.
I did a post at the beginning of 2013 where I listed everything we wanted to get done this year.  I am surprised to look back at that post and realize that much of it is done already!  The major project of painting the living room and stairwell has not been done yet, and that is a biggie. 

But all in all, we are doing pretty good.  With each project we complete, we are putting our stamp on this house.  And it is feeling more and more like us.  So we are so excited to see what is to come and how much we can accomplish by this time next year!  Please stay with us and find out what happens!  I would love you to follow  my blog!  YOu can go to my sidebar to find various different ways that you can follow along.

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