Thursday, July 11, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Well, technically, it is Thursday already, but I decided to throw in a What I Wore Wednesday post anyway!  I have been a busy little bee all week trying to get this floor done downstairs. And it is going to be finished tomorrow.  Can I get a big Amen?   And in the midst, we had a leak, a problem with the air conditioner, another leak and subsequent complete breakage of our kitchen faucet, had a new faucet installed, and I painted my front door (gasp!), and I picked a paint color for my hallways and stairwell.  Oh, and did I mention this is the rainiest summer EVER?  I have potted plants dying right and left from too much rain.  So, let me step down off of my soap box and show you some things I wore over the past week.  I am just not feeling very original in the outfit department lately.  It goes more something like this.  Work on the floor as much as possible, and then rush to get ready to go where I need to go at the very last minute.  Sound familiar?

This is what I wore to watch fireworks with the kiddos last week.


Pink shirt- Bebe
Red cardigan- Old Navy
Jeans- The Limited

This is what I wore for the 4th of July.
Dress- TJ Maxx
Flip flops, Old Navy

And this is my friend Allison.  We usually spend the 4th with her and her husband at his dad’s house at a great Lakeside community called Lake Floyd.  We always have a great time there on the 4th and we both agreed that this year the day was everything we could possibly want in a 4th of July celebration.  Gavin played games, we had great food, we hung out at the playground and played with Gavin, we played tennis, we hung out with our friends who we rarely see, and we watched fireworks.  Great day!


This is LC and Allison’s husband Chad.  Some of you might remember that I posted a tour of their kitchen back in November.  They live in Charlotte, NC, and you can see their lovely kitchen by clicking here


This is me with Mr. 13 Year Old.  He spent 13 days at a Wilderness Christian Camp.  We picked him up on Saturday, and after spending 13 nights outdoors, he was more than a little happy to see me!  He started crying the minute he saw our car pull in.  I really missed him too.  We have been busy catching up on all of the Big Brother episodes I saved to watch with him.  Oh, and he got saved while he was there!  And he read his testimony out loud the day we picked him up too.  Nothing could make my heart happier than knowing that we will be together for eternity in Heaven.

Shirt- Loft
Black Shorts- Loft

This is what I wore to go hang out at a friend’s house for a Pampered Chef Party earlier this week.  She had watermelon martinis.  YUM!  Oh, and look, my bedroom is clean!  Well, at least the bed is half made, that counts, right?
Shirt- Bebe
Skirt- JCrew Factory
Wedges- Skechers

We are leaving for a two week vacation next week.  I haven’t even started thinking about what to pack!  I am going to have to start pinning some outfit inspiration.  I want to take everything to mix and match.  And even though we are going for two weeks, I am only packing one week worth of clothes because we have a laundry room in the house we are renting.  I am thinking of doing a post on how I pack.  I am pretty good at it.  I fit both mine and LC’s stuff into one suitcase.  Plus a big duffle bag for all of the shampoo/conditioner, etc.