Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Well, if you follow my blog, you already know the drill, right?  I am once again linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!  Drum roll please…  This is what I wore this past week, when I even got dressed in anything beside working on project clothing!  Well, I threw one of those in for good measure. 

LC and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary last week, and this is what I wore to lunch.  The skirt is new I bought it on clearance.  Now that I am looking at the pictures, I hate the way I put this outfit together!  It was an impromptu lunch before he had to go to work and I didn’t take much time to get ready.  Di I mention I hate this outfit?  It is not the shirt or the skirt- it is wearing them together.  Why didn’t somebody stop me?  I look like a church lady!

Shirt- don't know
skirt- The Limited 

But even though I hate my outfit in these pictures, we had a nice lunch at one of our favorite places, The Mountaineer Grille.


This is LC, and what he wore.  He always wears a shirt like this with his suit pants when he goes to work, then he changes into his jacket, shirt and tie before the news starts. And BTW, I do recall at least wearing makeup that day, but it looks like I don’t have any on!  Maybe I need to lay it on a little thicker?


Here is a close up of the skirt.  I love the subtle polka dots.  But I need to mix it with something much more casual and dressed down for a more funky vibe.


This is my painting outfit!  Love it!  And the black socks just make the whole thing so much better!  I was working while standing on a sub floor, so I put on socks under a pair of my crocs because my feet were sweating, LOL!


This was a day I took Mr. 5 Year Old to swim class.  Get this, these mommies actually get dressed and put make up on for this class.  They make me feel ugly.


This was a little girlie get together I had at my house on Friday night.  Simple.  At least you can tell I am wearing makeup!


LC and I participated in the YMCA 5K on Saturday.  That course nearly killed me.  Seriously.  And I was just walking.  At least half of it was straight up hill.  Oh my!

 Dry wick shirt- Gap Body

Then on Saturday night we went to see the GooGoo Dolls and Matchbox 20 for LC’s birthday.  A good time was had by all. 

 Coral capris- Urban Outfitters

I wore tennies because we had lawn seats.  Then we ended up getting to upgrade to amazingly close seats!  I should have worn different shoes!

 Tennis shoes- Coach

This is LC in his Goo Goo doll t-shirt from their last concert.


And this is what Miss 17 Year Old wore to the concert.  Oh, to be 17 again.  I was gonna crop out the weird lady to her right, but I just thought it was funny the way she was looking at her, so I kept it in.  That’s how I roll.  I think she was also thinking to herself, Oh to be 17 again!  Ha!