Monday, July 1, 2013

Updates On The Deck

Welcome to another week!  It’s Monday, and I am sure some of you are back at work for another week.  I am starting my 2nd full week of my summer break, and have been spending most of my time so far trying to tackle a floor replacement downstairs.  In case you have been following my progress with the floor, we did find a leak and someone is supposed to come today to look at it.  It is leaking from the furnace when the air conditioner is running a lot.  We think this has been happening for years.  Hopefully it will be a simple fix.  Fingers crossed on that one.  I have also been spring cleaning my house one room at a time.  I know it is summer already but summer is when I have the most time so that is when my house gets really deep cleaned and ready for another year of wear and tear. 


Today I wanted to show you some progress on my back decks.  The above picture is my bottom deck as it is right now.  It is not my ideal, but it will do for right now.  You can see the deck before and after shots of when we power washed and sealed it here.  Do you remember the four chairs that I got from the curb?  Well, I painted two of them a fun color!    Red!    I used Rustoleum high gloss spray paint.  I painted on 3 coats, and then went back and touched them up in spots with a 4th coat.  After that dried, I sprayed them with one clear coat, just to help protect them from the weather.  I am currently looking for a couple of cushions to put on these chairs on clearance somewhere, but I have not found anything I like yet. 


So, for right now, I cleaned the cushions that came with these roadside rescue chairs and put them back on. 


Another shot of the my roadside rescue gliders.  These are screaming for new cushions, are they not?  I have two more chairs that I also rescued from the roadside, but I haven’t had the chance to work on them yet. 


And I had LC hang up a wind chime and a sun catcher.  This is my copper sun catcher.  I have had it for probably two years and never hung it up.  It is hanging on the bottom level of the deck. 



I have had this seashell wind chime for a few years.  It used to hang on my front porch.  It reminds me of the beach.  I bought it on a trip to Virginia Beach one year. 


I hung it right outside my kitchen window so I can see it when I am in there. 


And the rest of the shots to follow are of my bottom deck.  I would love to be able to afford a new table and chairs.  this one is about 10 years old.  But for now it serves the purpose.  I spray painted it last summer.  I cleaned up all of those cushions as well. 

I have had this umbrella and cushions for a few years now.  I am sick of them and I don’t like them anymore.

My poor potted flower is not doing well.  Too much rain.  I am hoping it will come back.  


We keep Mr. 5 Year Old’s sandbox on the deck.  It seems much less messy than if it sits in the yard. 


This is what it looks like from the deck above.  If you have not seen the checkerboard pattern I painted on my above deck, click here


I have so many things to do this summer, and so little time.  I am not in love with how this deck looks right now, but it serves the purpose to have dinner down here and to entertain. 

I hope you have a great week!  I am headed downstairs to start filling in the cracks with wood filler and sand down our subfloor to prepare them for our paper bag floors.  This delay in starting on them is killing me!  So I am going to get them all ready to go, and then I guess I will start on another project in the meantime.  Maybe paint my front door or my stair railings.  We’ll see!

Here is a list of what I would eventually like to do on the bottom level of our deck:

Paint a faux area rug
Purchase a new table and chairs
Purchase new cushions
Purchase a new umbrella
Rehab my last two roadside rescue chairs
Add some lighting (maybe White string lights hanging from the bottom of the above deck)
Add flowers and decor

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