Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Master Bedroom- Progress

It has been since December that I have shown you my master bedroom, and that was before I had a decent camera, so I thought I would show it to you how it looks now with a decent camera!  Not much has changed in there, since I have been focusing my efforts, and wallet in other more needed areas.  But I am tired of my bedding, and I even wish I would have chosen a different color for the walls.  But they have to stay because I only painted them a year ago.  LC would kill me if I said I wanted to change them!  Here is my bedroom the way it looks today.

This is the view when you walk in the door.  I showed you this picture last week when I did a post about the changes we have made in our home in our first year living here. 


My favorite part of this room is the ceiling.  It is different and I like it.  Don’t love the fan, but the ceiling is good.  The bench at the foot of my bed needs re upholstered.  Hence, the blanket draped across it.


I would love to add trim to my windows.  All of the windows in our house are like this. 


I love our bed.  It is a very solid piece of furniture.  That sucker does not move!  I am no longer liking the animal print, it is just too much.  So I threw on a black fleece blanket we already had and just folded the duvet down.  Better, but not ideal.  I bought the bedside lamps at Goodwill and spray painted them. 


See the hamper under the black stand?  It needs replaced to something that looks a little better.  And the black stand is an antique desk from my grandparents.  I painted it a few years ago, and never put the knobs back on.  I need to paint it again and replace the knobs.  I made the prints over the night stands using free printables and Wal Mart frames. 


That little green dresser is horrible, but it’s all I got!  I plan to repaint it and make it look way better.  It is actually a solid piece of furniture.  I have had it since at least 1992.  I bought the candle holders hanging on the wall at Goodwill and spray painted them.  the chair is from Amish Country.


What I would actually love to do it find a longer skinny piece of furniture to put here and move the chair to another location in the house, and the dresser.  directly across the hallway is Mr. 13 year Old's bedroom.


Those little mustard colored vases came from Big Lots.  And the Popeye figure is an antique that we found in Winchester, VA last summer. 


The room across the hallway and to the left is Mr. 5 Year Old’s bedroom.



We bought our bamboo blinds at Home Depot, and I love the quality of them.  We also hung these same blinds in our Master Bath.  And I like the way we hung the curtains on hooks on one side of each window. 


Here is a close up of the fleece blanket.  Fancy. 



You can clearly see in this photo that this old desk needs work.  I love my little milk glass boot!  Click here to see where I found it.


I bought this little wall hook at Homegoods back in December.  I wish I could find a few more that were similar!



See the cool box on top of LC’s dresser?  This contained an old slide projector.  I took the projector out and am using it to try to corral all of LC’s junk.  As a matter of fact everything on his dresser is for that purpose, yet his dresser still always has junk all over the place!  Anyway, the projector is really cool and vintage looking.  I am going to find a place for it around the house somewhere.  Oh, and how do you like LC’s shoe rack?  Clearly a lack of storage issue.



I have a question.  Are we the only people left in America with one of these old style TV’s?  I would love to have a new one!




Well, that sums up our master bedroom.  Hope you enjoyed it!  And guess what?  The brown paper floor downstairs is done!  Finished!  Finito!  Wow, it took way longer than I had planned.  but it was because of other complications.  I love it!  I applied the last coat of polyurethane this morning, and it should be dry about right now!  Tomorrow I am going to paint the walls.  I still need to paint the door and the trim down there, and apply quarter round around the base boards because there is a gap now that the carpet and linoleum are gone.  Not sure how soon all of that is going to happen, but as for today, you can find me floating down a lazy river somewhere.  I am taking a break!


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