Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Would You Do With This Space?

Hey there!  I took a little break from blogging for a few days, but I am back!  I finished up with work on Monday (6 weeks off, can you give me a hell yeah?), and I took the kids and headed straight up to the Pittsburgh area to visit one of my BFF’s and her three kids.  My girlfriend Chris has a fabulous house up there, I actually did a home tour of her house at Christmas time if you would like to check it out.  Anyway, we had a great time and I recharged myself and had a great time visiting with her and her family.  We took the kids to have some fun, and we stayed up late both nights and talked.  I miss her since she moved up there so it was great to see her. 

I actually have a fun little post today, and if it gets a good response I might try to do more of them.  While I was on my trip, I got a text from a good friend.  She texted me the picture below.  And here was what she wrote:  “Would you try to put trim around this black cabinet so it isn’t flush with the brown cabinet”?


When I received this text, my first thought was that I was flattered that she would ask for my advice.  After all, I really have no clue what I am doing, right?  I mean, I am not a designer.  I have no training.  I just kind of go with the flow, do what I think looks good, and read a ton of blogs for inspiration.  This is not the first time since starting this blog that someone has asked me for advice.  For some reason, I am just fine when it comes to decorating my own house, but when someone asks me for advice I get so intimidated!  I feel like I am going to give advice that the other person will secretly think is awful! 

This is what I wrote her back:  “Pardon me, but, who would have done that”?  I was just kidding,  but seriously, in my house, I have on numerous occasions had those same thoughts about different things in this house.  Sometimes when you move into a house, and you are not the one who designed it or built it, you are left with little dilemmas like this.  And you have to do the best you can to work with what you have to make it the best it can be, right?  You know what I am talking about if you have ever bought a house!

The next morning I was thinking about this picture, and came up with the idea to post it and ask all of you who read it what you would do with this area!  I thought it could be really fun and help a sister out at the same time!  So I got permission and here I am!  Asking all of you who are reading this post right now, what would you do to make this whole thing blend in a little better?  It looks like they have added black crown molding and chair railing already, and I can see some other cute looking trim peeking over to the left.  It also looks as if the knobs on the brown cabinets are black.  And it looks to me like the top black cabinets are glass fronted. Overall, this is a really good kitchen!  It just needs that special little touch to make it all come together.

My idea was to paint the side of the brown cabinets that butt up against the black one with a black chalkboard paint and use it to write grocery list or menus’ or whatever she wants to write.  My girlfriend Chris said she would leave it as is and add a black dining table and black accents in the kitchen to try to make it all blend. 

What say you?  What would you do in this kitchen if it were yours?  I am dying to know!  I would be soooo appreciative if you would take the time to comment today and give my girlfriend some ideas as to what she might do with her space.  Maybe when it is all finished she will let me come over and take some after pictures.  Fun right?
I will be back tomorrow with. oh who knows?  I’ll decide tomorrow!