Monday, June 24, 2013

Sprucing Up My Front Stoop

I hope you had a great weekend!  I am proud to say that my house is the cleanest it has been in months!  Every room is clean, that is rare around these parts nowadays.  Sad, but true.  Do you remember when I painted my outdoor pots this color?  Oh how I hated them!  But I didn’t have time to change them.  Well, I finally got around to it, and one of my followers suggested that I paint them the same color of blue that is in my little sunflower flag, so I did!  Great suggestion!  I left the rim yellow, and I like them so much better!


If you remember from this post, We had ferns in the large brown planters.  Well, unfortunately they did not like it  out here, and we had to move them to the back deck where they have more shade.  I have had ferns on my front porch every year in our old house, but I guess it is just too sunny at our new house.  So I replaced them with some sun loving petunias, which I already had in the other planters.  And I know they are thriving, so when I found two hanging baskets with a mix of white and purple ones on clearance for $4.99 each at Wal-Mart, I scooped them up.  So in these pictures some of them have the flowers and some don’t. 







This yellow rock has a story behind it, and will be moved soon.  I will tell you the story in another post. 


And we also got a new mat for the front door.  Whew!  Because the old one was wretched looking!  Can you believe we just bought it last summer?


I bought just a plain and simple mat from Ikea last week while I visiting my girlfriend, because I knew I wanted to paint a stencil on it.  So I came home and got to pinning some ideas.  This is the one I ended up making.  I used stencils I already had, and I am not loving the way the letter I looks, but oh well, it is done now!  No changing it.  It says Hi!  on your way up to the door, then 189 is our street number, and as you are facing out the door it says Bye!  Cute!





I also changed the wreath on the front door.  This is a wreath that the previous owner’s left here, and I like it! 

I need to scrub the front stoop so that you can’t see where the old mat was sitting. 


And LC also put down some new mulch in all of the landscaping.  It looks so much better!


What do you think of the small changes I made out here?  I think it is much improved!  I am so glad I finally painted over that ugly yellow!  I only used one coat of paint, so when you look at them up close, the yellow is still peeking through, which I like.  I  like the fun pop of yellow that I left on the rims.  I feel so much better about our home’s curb appeal than I did when we first moved in.  Here is a picture of what it looked like when we first looked at it.  The shutters were a pretty shade of green, but they were in need of new paint.  The front door was replaced by the previous owner’s before we closed on the house. 


And here it is now.  We still have things to do out here, but it is looking better, don’t you think?  I bought some window boxes to hang on the two windows to the left, but we haven't had a chance to hang them yet.   And I plan on spray painting the exterior lights.