Friday, June 21, 2013

Scarf Organization

I have so many small little projects that have been waiting to be completed around here!  Just little things that we have not had time to get around to.  We have spent some time getting some of these odds and ends finished since I am off work now. This project was so quick and easy.  We added some scarf organization to Miss 17 Year Old’s bedroom using curtain tie backs. 


I had these two tie back's lying out in the garage from our old house.  One day I noticed them and it occurred to me that they would make a great place for my daughter to hang her scarves!  She needs all of the organization and storage she can get in her bedroom.  So right then and there I made up my mind that is what these tie backs were going to be used for. 


And after that bright idea they sat in the garage for probably another 4 months.  So over the weekend, LC finally hung them up for me! 


They are nice and deep and will hold even more scarves than she even owns.  And they have a cute little mother of pearl ball on the end. 


Here they are with all of her scarves on them. 


So cute, right?  And easy access.  Not to mention easy to put her scarves where they belong!


She changed what is on her mannequin a lot.  It is a cute way for her to add some of her own personality to her bedroom. 




That project took all of 5 minutes, and it was completely free!  If you would like to see the rest of Miss 17 year Old's bedroom, click here.  You can also see the vanity that she painted here.  Her bedroom is downstairs and she has her own bathroom too.  It is so full of her personality, and she likes being down there.  We still have some projects left to do in her bedroom. 
Here is the original list of things to do in this bedroom, from the first time I showed it to you, with everything that is completed marked off. We still have work to do in here, and hopefully it will be complete before school starts in the fall. 
  • Paint Vanity
  • Paint ceiling fan
  • Upgrade wall shelving
  • Stencil song lyrics on the wall
  • Personalize more with décor
  • Paint some of the picture frames to match the décor

We are hosting  a foreign exchange student for a couple of months who will be sharing this room with her, so we want it to be welcoming, clean, and organized for her.  We also have to clear out some space for her to store her own things.  That shouldn’t be that big of a problem because my daughter has two closets in this room.  And the inconvenience will be well worth it because our family is so excited to be hosting a girl from Sweden!  I will tell you more about that later.  I need to dedicate en entire post to it!
What do you think of using curtain tie backs for Scarves?  Do you have any creative ways that you organize your own scarves?  I would love to see them! 

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