Friday, June 7, 2013

My Next Project- Paper Bag Floors


I am so excited that I am almost finished with work and will be having 6 weeks off soon!  I have been planning my next big project for a few months now, and today I want to share my plans with you!  I am going to do paper bag floors!  I first saw them on Pinterest, and I love them!  We have a hallway/mud room at the bottom of our stairs.  It is also the entryway from the garage.  The flooring in this hallway are my least favorite part of this house.  Well, that is about to change!  Have you ever seen these amazing floors?  They look like leather!  I plan to put them in my laundry closet and hallway.  And laying ceramic tile in Miss 17 Year Old’s bathroom.  I have some great pictures to show you today of some lovely paper bag floors.  Rachel at the Lovely Craft Home did several rooms in her house like this and they look great!  5 of the pictures I am sharing with you today are from her blog, so head on over there and show her some love!

I am both excited and worried about this upcoming project.  Excited because I know they are going to look amazing and worried about how I am going to feel after crouching down for days like I did when I painted my checkerboard deck!

Now, on to the eye candy part of my post, enjoy!

So, I would love to know what you think of this flooring option!  Is there anyone reading this right now who has paper bag floors in your home?  I am hoping to complete this project for around $100 or less.  I am also hoping to have finished before we leave for our vacation on July 19.  And I will be of course sharing it with you every step of the way!  Stay tuned!