Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trashtastic Tuesday- Roadside Rescue

Last week, I was driving my son home from track practice, and we were driving up our street.  Low and behold, I saw four outdoor chairs sitting next to the curb a few houses down from us.  The garbage was due to come the next morning, so I had a feeling those chairs were sitting there for the garbage.  I did some investigating, found the owner’s of the house they were sitting in front of, and looked their number up in the book.  She told me they were sitting out for the garbage!  They are an older couple and she said they are decluttering their lives!  Well, don’t you know I hopped directly in my car and went to pick those babies up!  In case you don’t read my blog often, or you are a first time visitor on my blog, I have been on the hunt for some cheap outdoor furniture to fill up our huge two story deck.  Well, how is free for ya?  Yes please! 


I could only fit two chairs into the back of my SUV at a time, and while I was loading the first two, the owner of the house came out and introduced herself to me.  Super sweet lady!  All of their kids are grown and live away, and they decided to clear off their back deck.  There is nothing wrong with these chairs that a little spray paint and a good cleaning can’t fix.  Here are some more close up shots of my finds. 

These two are a matching set. 


These two are also a matching set, and bonus, they are gliders! 


See these two cushions?  There are two of the one’s with leaves, and one of the solid.  I wish there were 4, but hey, beggars can’t choose, can they? 



Here you can see some of the wear on the gliders. 


And the wear on the brown chairs. 


So, what do you think?  I think I scored!  Oh, and I forgot the best part!  When I went back for the second load, the owner came back out and invited me to come out to her back deck.  she said she had a little table out there that I could also have if I wanted it.  When I got out there, it was a cute little outdoor bar cart with shelves.  And it had two leaves that you could put down or put up.  It was on wheels and it was white, in great shape!  Of course I would take it, I told her!  She said she would have her husband drag it out front and when I saw it out there I would know it was for me.  I will show it to you as soon as I actually have it! 

What are my plans for the chairs, you ask?  Well, I am going to clean them up and spray paint them.  Probably to make them look more like a set of four.  And as for the cushions, I will be on the hunt for some matching ones.  But for now I am thinking I might clean them and let them dry, and then try my hand at painting them!  Have you ever tried painting something like cushions?  If so, I would love to hear about your experience. 

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