Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Favorite Pinterest Pins For April, 2013

Hiya!  I did not have a single spare second yesterday, so I did not get a post out.  Did you miss me?  You probably didn’t even realize I was gone!  Well, just so you know, I missed you a lot!  I am back today with my favorite pinterest pins for April!  Yay!  This is one of my favorite posts to do each month, because I love me some pinterest!  If you would like to check out my previous pinterest posts, please click here, here, and here.  So, on to the fun stuff, my faves for the month!  I have lots of great ones for you!  Here we go!

Love Toms, and I want these ones!

I love this mix of colors.  I am on the hunt for a pair of mint jeans at a super cheap price.  $3.99 would work!

This bag is so fab!  I have been shopping for a bag and have not found one that I thought was worth buying, not in person at least, and not one I can afford. 

Let’s make this quick.  I am buying this stuff!  Pronto!

Carmel’s gallery wall stole my heart!  I am hoping she will invite me over and I can sleep in this guest room.  What do you think my chances are? 

I would never be brave enough to have a room like that, but whoever designed it is my best friend!  She just doesn’t know it yet!

I love the pops of green in this charming bathroom. 

These grapefruit sabayon cakes looks scrumptious.  I have no idea what they are but I want to try them!

Some eye candy for the lovely ladies.  Hi Justin!  Are you bringing sexy back?

Pink sands of Bermuda.  Now on my list of places I want to visit!

Gotta have an occasional dose of Oprah.  I miss spending an hour with her every day.  Big time!

There are no words.  I had to include this one. 

Look at this baby!  Ha!

There is a chance this is my mom’s water bottle.  Oops, did I say that?  NEVER!  Ha!

This is so true.  I had to pin it!

I want these luscious lips!  Love the color too!

This is on my list of hair styles to try, soon!  Perfect up do for summer!

Funny thing about this house.  We bought it and we are moving in!  Haha, I wish.  That sentence was my favorite opening line on my favorite blog this week.  Any guesses?  I do want this house though.  LC, can you get right on that?  Geesh!  Get a job at the Today Show or something.  Al is getting up there!

I need this in my life.

In love with a watch. 


I cannot resist a wall of Tiffany bags.  Can you?

Great tip!

I love this rug.  Check out how Jordan did it!

I have an old door in my garage.  What do you think?

Love this paint color.

LC told me to pin this bad boy!

Roeschell never disappoints!  This is so creative!

I am doing this on my deck.  I might have to have Miss 17 year old make me a stencil!

I hope you enjoyed my favorite pinterest pins for April!  Come back next month to see what I pick for May!  I promise, it will be good!  And I would absolutely love for you start following me on Pinterest!  You can just click in the box with a big P on my sidebar to follow me!
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