Friday, May 3, 2013

My Favorite Makeup

If you are anything like me, you love makeup!  Or, maybe not!  If that is the case you might not be interested in this post.  But if you do love makeup as much as I do, then read on!  My makeup is so essential to me!  These are some of my favorites that I use regularly.  I purchase most of my makeup at drug stores, a few items from Mary Kay, and a few from Sephora.   I am not a fancy shmanshy make up person.  Mostly because my budget does not allow it.  I splurge a little here and there on things that are really great, but for the most part, I wear the cheap stuff!  And I truly believe that no one can tell the difference anyway!  So rock on Wal-mart and Target!  Keep selling make up, and I am gonna keep buying it!  And BTW, most places will return makeup after you have purchased it and tried it, so if you hate it take it back!  with the receipt of course!  A couple of weeks ago, I showed you my skin care routine.  At the time I promised a post about my makeup products, and today I am delivering on that promise.  See, I am a woman of my word (sometimes).

This is most of my makeup at a glance.  I will show close ups and tell you what each item is below. 


These are my favorite lipsticks.  Starting from left:  Cargo planet love in muir woods- Sephora, L'Oreal Color Riche in bronze coin, L'Oreal Color Riche in vagabond mauve, Mary Kay in apricot glaze, Maybelline color sensational in pink quartz, Color Whisper in some like it taupe- Wal-Mart, Clinique in tender heart, Mac lustre in viva glam, Mary Kay in rose petal, Revlon super lustrous creme in siren.


These are my favorite lip glosses.  I usually apply nude lip liner, then my lipstick, which I then blot with a tissue, and apply lip gloss over it.  From left to right:  Bonne Bell lip lites in cappuccino, L'Oreal Infallibles in sunset (this looks good on top of any color), Mary Kay signature nourishine gloss in melon sorbet, Mary Kay liquid lip color in malted, Clinique long last gloss wear-can’t find the name of the color but it is a bubble gum pink and I love this stuff!, Bath and Body Works liplicious gloss in wild berry tulips.


Here is one more lipstick I forgot to put in the above picture.  Elizabeth Arden in plum.  this stuff is a great reddish color, but it is kind of sheer so not too much. 


These are the eye shadows I use most often.  As you can see, I like to change up my eye color often!  Usually to coordinate with what I am wearing.  From left back row:   Victoria's Secret beauty rush eye shadow duo in blue Bellini, Clinique color surge eye shadow quad in Choco-latte- great nudes!, Clinique color surge eye shadow duo in pink slate, Victoria's secret beauty rush in gold rush- this is the one I wear almost every day- I use it as a base for everything else, applying it to my entire lid area all the way up to my brows, Maybelline expert eyes in Kola nut.  Bottom row from the left- Almay intense eye color trio for browns 021, Almay intense eye color trio for browns 001, L'Oreal wear infinite in very violet, Cover Girl eye enhancers in #120, Cover Girl Eye enhancers in #445


These are my mascara and eye liners, from left- Revlon eye lash curler- I do not put on mascara without this!, Mary Kay ultimate mascara in black, Makeup Forever aqua liner in both #15 (gray) and #12 (brown).  This stuff is the most perfect liquid eye liner I have ever used.  The applicator is not a brush, it is pointed and the handle is long.  It is literally the easiest liquid eye liner to apply that I have ever used.  It is perfection!  Seriously, go out and buy some right now.  I bought it at Sephora, and it is a little pricey but totally worth it! Also, these are the type of sponge applicators I use. They are Mary Kay.


Beautique eye liner in olive green- Wal-Mart, Almay intense icolor eye crayon in purple, Clinique eye shading pen in charcoal green, Revlon color stay in black, Mary Kay eye liner in deep brown. And the white liner is for the rim under my eye.  I cannot live without this.  I have been lining my eye with white since probably college, and I will do it until the day I die!  It totally brightens your eyes!



These are my most essential items, that I apply even if I am not wearing any other makeup.  These are what make the skin look flawless.  From left to right:  Almay smart shade anti aging makeup in medium.  This stuff has a smart skin sensing formula.  So it comes out of the tube white and matches to your own skin color perfectly!  Laura Mercier foundation primer- Sephora, I only apply this on special occasions.  I don’t have time for it every day.  Physicians Formulas mineral wear mineral loose powder in natural beige.  Love this stuff!  And let me share my special trick!  For years, I have had a problem with my eye makeup running under my eyes and I look like I have raccoon eyes by lunch time.  I tried everything under the sun to fix this problem, including eye shadow primer.  One day I got the magical idea to apply this powder on my lids and under eye area with an eye shadow brush and then sweeping it across my eye lashed while my eyes are closed a few times.  My little problem went away.  Vanished!  I have never had raccoon eyes again!  It works amazingly well!  Mary Kay tinted moisturizer in beige 2, Mary Kay concealer in beige 2- let me tell you, this is the best concealer I have ever tried, by far!  I cannot live without it and never will!  EVER!  It hides every flaw in my skin- a couple of burst blood vessels, blemishes, under eye area, everything!  And then there is the sponge that I bought at Sephora.  It is the best applicator I have ever bought.  And it has been going strong since August.  I just wash it and let it dry and it is like brand new!  Another little tip- I apply my concealer on top of my foundation.  If you apply it under, then you just wipe it right off when you rub on your foundation!  I squeeze a tiny little drop out of the tube and just dot it on, not rub.  I just keep dabbing until it is blended.  


These are my blushes.  And I adore them both.  From left:  Hot Mama in the balm- Amazon, Stila custom color blush, another item that magically matches your skin tone.  It looks bright pink in the compact, but it does not look that way on my face.  LOVE this stuff.  I use the hot mama most of the time, it gives my skin a sun kissed glow, and the stila when I want a more pink blush. 


These are my make up brushes.  The short stubby one is a Mary Kay brush that I use for my loose powder, the taller big brush is from The Body Shop, and I use it for my Stila blush, the shorter blush brush I use with my Hot Mama, the two longer eye shadow brushes are from Target, and then there are three smaller eye shadow brushes, the tallest one of those is from Sephora, and it is an eye liner smudger- it gives your that smokey eye look.  And the ugly blue toothbrush is my eye brow brush.  I have been using that thing for years I tell ya, years!


There you have it!  That is the makeup that I wear most every day.  I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my make up case.  I know I love to talk make up with other women, and I love to know their little tricks and what works for them.  This is not a sponsored post and no one paid me to recommend any of these items.  These are just the things I like and use on a daily basis.  Well, I don’t wear all of the eye shadows at the same time!  That would just be weird! Oh, and just an FYI- if I had to choose only three make up items to wear they would be my foundation, my concealer, and my blush!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  Try something new with your make up!  It is true that when you look good, you feel good!