Thursday, May 23, 2013

How I Organize My Closet

I have talked several times on my blog about my small walk in closet, and I have even shown you a couple of pictures of it here.  I have also dreamed of having a huge lovely walk in closet.  I have told you that I gave up a very large walk in closet that I had all to myself when we moved to this house.  Today, I thought I would show you how I organize my much smaller walk in closet, that I also share with my suit wearing husband.  I know you have probably seen some beautiful closets online on pinterest, or other blogs.  And so have I, and I love them!  But is that reality for most people?  Probably not!  Well people, my closet is reality!  Is it beautifully decorated, no way!  I don’t have enough room to decorate it!  I had to cram things into every single nook and cranny of space I have so that I could fit everything.  So fair warning, it might not be pretty, but it is fairly well organized.  I will show you around and tell how it is organized today. 

My dad came over and changed this closet around for me before we moved in.  It was priority number one. It did have just one hanging rack on all three walls.  I bought some new closet organizing racks and shelves from Home Depot and he installed them for me.  I would love to have a more expensive organizing system, but let's face it.  That is probably never going to happen!

This is the best shot I can get of the entire closet all at once.  The back wall and the wall to the left are for my things.  The racks to the right belong to LC (he has another small closet downstairs for his casual clothes). 


I have two metal shoe racks on the floor to the right for more of my shoes. 


And I also keep even more shoes under my bed in storage containers that are specifically made for under the bed.  I bought this one at Goodwill for $1!  It holds my more dressy high heels that I may not wear as often.  There is another under the bed organizer right next to it that holds all of my casual flips flops. 


Here is a better shot of my shoe hanger on the door.  I bought this at Wal mart many years ago, and it has held up amazingly well. 


You can see LC’s work clothes to the right here.  Suits on top, dress shirt and ties on the bottom.  When I hang his suits, I hang the pants neatly on a hanger, then I place the suit jacket on that same hanger.  It helps save a lot of space that way. 


This is the rack on the left wall.  It holds my pants, and my belts.  Oh, and just a quick note, I am a color coder!  You will notice this throughout. 


This is the back right corner of my closet.  It contains my dresses and maxi skirts. 


This is the bottom rack on the back wall.  It contains my short skirts.  The plastic storage container holds panty hose, tights, and a few odds and ends.  The stool is for me to access the shelves above, and I use it daily, so it just stays here.  Right between my skirts and the storage caddies is a little jewelry organizer that contains bracelets, earrings, and rings.  I need to dedicate an entire post to how I store all of my jewelry some day soon.  I wish I could just keep it all in the same place, but it is not possible. 


This is the top rack on the back wall.  It holds my shirts, jackets, and cardigans. 


This is the top right shelf.  It holds a few bags. 


This is the top shelf that goes along the back wall.  Right now it is holding all of my t shirts.  Do you think I need a few more?


The next three photos are of the top left shelf.  I have some hat boxes and a photo box up there.  I recently labeled them because I realized that I couldn’t even remember what was in them and I would have to climb up, get them down, and open them to look.  The one below holds my hair coloring supplies.  Yes, people, I color my own hair! 


This one contains shoe shine supplies. 


This one contains photos. 


Well, that about sums up my incredibly packed closet.  Now do you understand why I am trying to purge, and not to buy more new clothes for a while?  When we moved here, I literally cried when it came time to organize this closet.  But I am doing my best to make it work in here!  I just keep telling myself, one day I will have a fantastic closet.  After all, it is on my bucket list! 

So, now that you have seen my closet, I am dying to ask, have you noticed that Sweet Parrish Place has a whole new look?  I worked several hours to get it changed.  I would love to have my blog professionally designed, but I have to save a few pennies first.  For now, though, I am digging my new digs.  I would love to know what you think!  You are reading it in a different way than I do, so if you notice any glitch or something that is not user friendly do not hesitate to point it out to me! 

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