Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

 Today makes my third week participating in What I wore Wednesday, and I have to say, I am loving it!  I feel so much more inspired when I am picking out my outfits.  I work full time, so I have no choice but to get my butt out of bed 5 days a week and put something on.  Knowing I am going to be taking a picture of myself makes me want to try a little harder.  I highly encourage you to try it!   In case this is your first time joining me for WIWW, I am trying to purge my wardrobe, and do a major scale down.  I am trying to wear every single thing I have, and documenting each outfit in pictures.  I am hoping this will assist me int he big purge.  I would love to hear your opinions about what should stay and what should go!  Here is what I wore this past week!



These are new shoes!  I bought them at TJ Maxx recently.  I loved them with this outfit.  But they killed my toes.  I hope they will become more comfortable in time.  And no, my toenails are not painted in this picture. Oh the horror!  That is the first and last ime you will see my toe nails without a good polish, so take a good look!  And to my male buddy, and you know who you are, sorry, I know it is killing you if you are looking at this!  Ha!


Denim Jacket- Guess (old)
Cargo's- Gap (old)
ruffle blouse- Loft
Orange Shoes- TJ Maxx

Casual Friday



Short Sleeve sweater- TJ Maxx
Red shirt- Gap
Capri jeans- The Limited

And oh yeah, my daughter's prom was Saturday!  If you would like to see more pictures, click here.  What she wore was to die for!  This is what I wore to get my picture taken along side her.  
DSCN2048 - Copy


Jeans- New York & Co.
Turquoise tshirt- Victoria's Secret
Sweater- The Limited
Necklace- Forever 21

I had to throw this one in here because a facebook friend commented that LC looked like he was in a JCrew add.  This is what he wore!  However, the shirt is from Banana Republic Outlet, not J Crew!


No those are not splotches in my pants.  They are finger prints!  Ha!  guess I need to clean my mirror.  5 year old fingers!  This was Sunday, I was heading out for a visit with a friend.



This is a close up of the flip flops.  I bought them at TJ Maxx too.  They are Roxy, and I love them!  And BTW, notice- I got around to polishing those toes!  Yay!



Black Capri leggings- Express
White Blouse- Tommy Hilfiger
Printed T shirt- American Eagle
Flip Flops- Roxy

Another Monday, and still a dirty mirror, oops!


Linen pants- can't remember (old)
Green cardi- Banana Republic
Green top- can't remember

And this is what I wore later to a track meet.  Felt like being comfy, and I was!


Capri's- Victoria's Secret
Pink Tee- Urban Outfitters

So fun to do What I wore Wednesday!  Have a happy hump day all!  I have not had much of a chance to work on my wardrobe getting it changed over from winter to summer.  But my goals is still to do a huge purge.  Is there anything among my outfits for this week that you think needs to go?  What say you?

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