Monday, April 1, 2013

Family Fun for March

I can’t believe Easter is behind us!  Did you have a good Easter?  We had a nice day yesterday and now on to the projects I have on my list to get finished over my break.  On Saturday I spent the day shampooing carpets.  Now that is some hard manual labor!  I was wiped out by the time I was finished.  Today, it is on to trying to finish my painted back splash.  If I can get that one thing finished this week, I will be very happy. 
A lot went on in my family in March, so I thought I would do a little photo dump and share some snippets from this past month. 
This is Gavin and I at a home show.  As you will see in these pictures, it is hard to get the little one to cooperate.  Half the time we just give up. 

Someone is a teenager now!

Hanging for his birthday.  Basketball, Buffalo Wild Wings, and a movie.

My daughter was in her high school play, Legally Blonde. 
This is Gavin’s swim teacher.  She was in the play too, and he had to have a picture!

This is her and Kody, the male lead. 

A sad moment, he is graduating this year. 

The female lead, Chiara, she played Elle.

What a great production they put on!




Guess what?  My daughter got her first car on Saturday!  She turns 17 on Thursday.  She was so excited to finally have a car of her own!  This is a 2003 Honda Accord.  It is immaculate condition too.  We were so lucky to find it!
She spent the entire day making it her own. 
photo (8)

And this is a cold Easter Sunday.  Gavin was  not having a good time taking these pictures. 



That pretty much summed up March for my family.  It was a very busy month.  I am welcoming April with open arms!  And we are all praying for spring to finally appear!  Have a great first week of April!