Friday, April 5, 2013

Desk Organization- I won a Giveaway!

Well, it is Friday ya’ll!  And my spring break is quickly dwindling away.  So sad!  I wanted to share a very good thing with you.  It happened in February.  I follow a blog called Honey We're Home. and I signed up for a contest for a $100 Martha Stewart giveaway.  I was contacted and found out that I won!  I had to complete some paperwork and send it in, and then I waited.  And waited.  And then one day last week, I received the $100 gift card for Staples,  So as soon as I left work, I headed out to Staples to get some free loot!  So excited!  I wanted to share all of the stuff I picked up with you!  Fun!  And free!  I bought things I would have probably not spent the money on if I were spending my own money.  Well, mostly anyway.  I tried to stick to the Martha Stewart line, since that was what the giveaway was for.  I am loyal like that.  Although I did stray a little.

I bought this cute flowered binder, and some dividers and pockets for it.  I plan to use this binder to corral all of the recipes I print out from the internet.  I’ll show it to you when I actually get around to doing it!


I bought a variety of labels.  Martha Stewart has a cool variety of labels.  I got some chalkboard labels, some metal bookplate labels, some plain white ones, and some little round yellow tag labels.  I am sure you will be seeing all of these pop up in different posts I do. 


I bought some alphabet stencils.  This is not Martha Stewart, but I knew I would use them many many times. 


I bought this little organizer, which was also not Martha Stewart.  I plan to use these to organize some jewelry in my desk drawer in my bedroom.  I will show that to you as well, when I get around to doing it.

I got those gray storage bins in the $1 section, and those two little Tiffany blue boxes are Martha Stewart.  I love that color!


I bought these two little organizers, also Martha Stewart.  I planned to use these for our desk. 


And here is my desk again after organizing with the Martha Stewart stuff I bought!  You have seen this desk before, here, and here.  I love the color of the Tiffany blue, and it really pulls out similar colors in my gallery wall in this room!



If you never saw the post I did about my Spring burlap wreath, you can catch it here


I plan to add some of the bookplate labels on these.  The box contains some craft supplies, and the top drawer contains envelopes and checking account stuff.


This is the calendar LC made for me for Christmas. 


Did you catch the post I did for these little twine wrapped aluminum cans?  The little blue square is serving as a coaster for drinks!  Clever, huh?


This White holder contains markers, it is also from the Martha Stewart line.  This little basket holds small notepads and post its.


Not bad for FREE, huh?  And a big shout out to Courtney from Honey We’re Home for making this giveaway possible!  I am so glad I won!  And my desk area feels so much less cluttered now.  If you have not check out Courtney's blog, you should!  I am a regular over there, and I read all of her stuff!

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