Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wish I Had That- Outdoor Furniture

At $1,600, I am going to be buying this, um, let me see - NEVER!  But I love it!

Last week I showed you some gorgeous flower boxes.  We want to add some to the front of our house this year. 

I love spring and summer, and I love to see how people go about decorating their outdoor areas during those warm months.  I adore lots of potted plants, cozy seating and weather proof pillows and cushions.  The older I get, the more I like shady areas too.  I am not into sunbathing the way I used to be!  I like to go to the pool and sunbathe for a couple of hours (with sunscreen on of course), but when I want to go sit outside at home, I want to be in the shade.  The house we moved into last summer has a two tiered deck on the back, so there is a smaller deck right outside of the kitchen, but then it leads downstairs to a pretty large deck.  In front of our house there is a just a front stoop.  I miss my front porch that I used to have, and I definitely hope our next house has a big front porch!  One good thing about this house is that it gets a lot of shade for a big part of the day, both in the back and in the front. 

I never did much outside of our house last summer because I was so busy trying to get moved in, but this summer, I am hoping to add a lot of flowers and some new furniture.  I would like to add a small bench out front, a café table and chairs on the top tier of our deck, and I am probably not going to purchase anything new for the bottom tier because it is not in the budget, but hey, a girl can dream, right?  And that is what Wish I Had That is all about, dreaming!  So let me show you some awesome furniture for outdoors.  I tried to stick with things that would actually work for us in the spaces we have. 
Let’s start with the front.  I would love to find an awesome small bench that I can use on our front stoop.  Here are some that I love.

Love the color of this one!

Love that this one looks old.

This one looks old too, I love that red!

This is simple and distressed looking, and I like the color. 

Yet another way to go, this one folds up!  How awesome is that!

There are so many different ways I could go with a bench, so many different styles.  I love all of the ones above.  I am hoping I will find one at a thrift store or yard sale and breathe new life into it.  So, let’s venture around to the back of our house on the top tier of my deck.  A café table and two chairs would be perfect here, and it is actually what the previous owners had.  Here are some different designs that I am loving right now. 

Rita made over this patio set, and it is adorable! 

Loving the light blue!

A Bright Blue Wrought Iron Bistro Set with Curved Designs & Flower-Pattern Mesh

This one is not any bright color, but it does have some whimsy.

I like the pattern on this table.  

Can you tell I am a color girl?

I am not certain this table is still available, but I am sure it would not be hard to find a white one similar. 

And now let’s go downstairs to the much larger bottom tier of the deck.  I love this part of the deck, it is breezy and usually shady.  Here are some things I love that I could imagine down there. I am thinkig something fairly classic, that can withstand a lot of rain.  It rains here quite a bit, and I want it to last for years.  

 This one is perfect because there are no cushions to get soaked!  And the chairs look comfy.

I like the glass inlay on this one.  Easy to wipe down.

These slipcovered chairs would never work for me.  I need something that can withstand lots of rain.  But I am in love with the look of this!

I love how this one looks like something you would find indoors, but it is for the outdoors.

This one looks very classic and durable.


I love the vintage look of this metal set.  Great pop of green!  This one would last for years!

Now, let’s just throw in a few more things that I totally love just for fun.  And my deck IS big enough to have more than one seating area!  

 I have always wanted a porch swing, and we could hang one from the top tier of our deck.  

This firepit is cool, I would love to have one down there.

Back Yard City

I like keeping a sandbox on the deck for Mr. 5 year old.  It is easier to keep the grass and stuff out.  This one has a shady top, and it cranks down to close it up at night.  How cool is that?

Back Yard City

I love the yellow on this set.  

Family Leisure

Is this thing awesome or what?  I would love to have on of these, so cool!  


I really love this one.  It would go really well on my deck.

And of course, we need a place for a cold beverage!  This is perfect!

I have tons more that I have pinned on pinterest, but I just could not include them all!  If you would like to follow that board, click here.  I would love to have you follow me on any of my pinterest boards.  I LOVE to pin things!

I hope I have provided you with some outdoor area inspiration today.  Just keep thinking thoughts of lazy summer days, maybe that will speed things along!