Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Family Room

 I have shown you pretty much every room in our house, except for our family room, so I thought I would show it to you today.  Since we moved into this house in June, we really haven't done much in this room, other than furnish it and hang some things on the wall.  We live in a split level home, and the family room is downstairs, along with Miss 16 Year Old's bedroom and bathroom, a hallway that serves as a mud room, and our laundry closet.  This is the room where my kids take their friends to hang out and play the Wii or watch DVDs.  It is also the room where we keep all of our family games.  So without further ado, here is our family room.

This is looking into the room from the hallway.  There used to be a door on this room, but we removed it when we moved in.  Somehow, I did not like the idea of Miss 16 Year Old being able to close this door if she has a boy over.  Plus, it makes the room seem larger.  It is not a large room.  This furniture was given to us by my best friend.  It is denim slipcovered, and she bought it at Macy's.  It is by far the most comfortable furniture I have ever owned, but we don't plan on keeping it.  We plan to purchase new furniture for the upstairs living room, and move the furniture up there down to this room.  Although comfortable, this furniture is too big and bulky for the room.  To see the upstairs living room, and the furniture I am referring to, click here.


To the far left is the entrance to this room.  That door you see is the utility closet, and it does have some storage as well.  We have a bookshelf in there that houses our jeans.  We did not paint this room.  I thought the color in here was fine for now.  The elliptical machine was also given to us by a friend.  To the left you can see the chalkboard hanging pegged "thingy"  that I made over.  


This is from the opposite end of the room.  That closet holds my husband's casual clothes.  It is jammed packed.  The entertainment center we brought with us from the old house.  I would love to replace it with something more streamlined.  Not so big and bulky.  



This room has a lot of natural light.  Right outside of those windows is our deck.  I wish one of those windows was a door because you can't get to the deck from this floor.  The curtains are from Target.  That end table you see, I purchased from Lowe's back when you could buy unfinished furniture there, and I stained it myself.  I wish they still sold that stuff.


This picture was from our wedding, and everyone signed it.  It is starting to look shabby.  I want to keep it, so it is in store for some kind of makeover.  


This picture is a piece of art  LC bought on the street in Tokyo when he vacationed there.  I just slapped it in a frame.  


I bought this canvas print at Pier One.



LC bought me this painting in Ocean City one summer.  


You can see in the far right the shelf that houses our games.  It would be nice to have something to store them so they were hidden.  


You can't really see that table to the left of the chair in this picture, but it is an awesome table that I bought at The Mission.   Click over and check it out!  It has some damage to the top that I plan to repair, but it is a great table.  I only paid $15 for it!


So there is our family room.  It is fine, and it serves the purpose.  Below is a list of things that will eventually change in this room.

  • Purchase new flat screen TV
  • Move upstairs living room furniture into this room
  • purchase new TV console
  • Add Hidden storage for games
  • Refinish End Table
  • Change out and improve decor
  • Possibly paint
  • Change out ceiling light
  • Add some kind of heating element-it's cold down here!
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