Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Spring Burlap Wreath

 Well, it is the second day of Spring here in snowy West Virginia, but I am not seeing any spring in sight.  LC just happens to be a local meteorologist, and I am starting to get a little mad at him for not bringing some more sunshine!  Over this past weekend I changed my burlap wreath and dressed it up for spring.  I am in love with this wreath!  So far it has been dressed for FallChristmas, and Valentine's Day.  Although I wasn't really happy with my Valentine's Day wreath so I  kept kind of quiet about it!  This wreath is not that hard to make, and it is so versatile.  It is my favorite project so far!  Here is what it is sporting for spring!


In case you can't tell, I can't make a good bow to save my life!  I can't tell you  how many times I tried to make this bow.  I love the ribbon with the bold green and white stripes, but the bow could be so much cuter.  Help!  


I had a few things to return at JoAnn's, so I used store credit to get the cute butterfly and the ribbon.  Let's talk about the butterfly for one second.  It is a little clip that just clips right on to the wreath!  Isn't it cute?  they had a variety of colors.  


I bought the hydrangea's at The Dollar Tree.  I just kind of took them apart into individual stems, and stabbed them down into the wreath.  


Here is a close up of my crappy bow making skills.  


And another close up of my cute little butterfly.  


Have you tried making a burlap wreath yet?  There are so many different variations you can make!  If you haven't, and you like this look, I strongly encourage you to try it!  I will use this wreath for  several seasons to come!

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