Friday, March 8, 2013

A Spring Buffet

Tuesday was a snow day, and I decided it was the perfect day to add some spring touches around here.  I am hoping that the spring feeling inside of our house will catch on, and the outside will get the picture!  LC is the weatherman, so I should have some pull, right?  I am so glad I had the day off to do these things because I have no time to spend around my house this upcoming weekend.  I will be lucky to get one load of laundry done.  I can’t wait to show you the transformations!  I thought I would start out today with my spring buffet.  this table is one of my favorite places to decorate.  You can see how it looked for Fall here,  for Christmas here, and for winter here.  And now, here is my spring buffet.  I hope that if you go back and check the links to see how my buffet has transformed with the seasons, you will also see that my photography skills are improving.  I am working at it every day!

Maybe it is just because I am sick of winter right now, but this is my favorite one ever! 


And here is a crap load more different views of my buffet, just in case.


Why yes!  I am standing on a chair!  Thanks for noticing!


Do you see my giant utensils hanging in the background ?



This hurricane is from Bed Bath and Beyond. The charger beneath it is a Goodwill Special.


I dug this wreath out of my attic on Tuesday.  And I am so glad I never threw it away when we moved!  I love it here!  It feels fresh and new!  If you look in the background of the reflection of the mirror, you will find something new!  I am in love!


My little owl is from Target, the Cork bottle is from Hallmark, and the lantern is ancient.  That is not a store. 


The bunnies are oldies but goodies, and the green mercury glass is from TJ Maxx.


The doily is antique.






I am so excited for spring.  It is my favorite time of the year.  This buffet just makes me plain happy!  Come on everybody, do your spring dance!  Or just send my husband a bunch of emails asking when spring is coming.  Maybe he will rush it along a little.  Wink wink!

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